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Dave War
Date June 13 — August 6, 2012 (Total of 54 Days of conflict)
Casus belli MK Offers protection to Dave93 after CSN attacked him for spying.
Result Overall Victory for DH/C&G Coalition
Preceded by
Second NoR-LSF War
Succeeded by
DH/C&G & Allies

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Doom House Accords




SF/XX & Allies

The SuperFriends

Dos Equis

Chestnut Accords


Disputed Involvement
DH/C&G & Allies stats [edit]

SF/XX & Allies stats [edit]

^ R&R are also part of the Dos Equis bloc.
^ GOD, CSN, RIA are also part of the Chestnut Accords bloc.
^ 3 Argent nations attacked SRA, although war was never formally declared and Argent maintains it was not due to the Dave War.

The Dave War, also referred to initially as the MK-CSN War, was a war that started between Mushroom Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations on June 13, 2012. The next day, Umbrella declared war on Fark, citing "We just don’t really like Fark much!".[1] Early in the war, on June 27, a new record was set for the largest daily gain on the Global Radiation Level with 6.88 gained.

For a list of individuals who fought in the Dave War see: Category:Dave War veteran.

Build up

Monday, June 11, 2012: Dave93 was accused of spying on CSN with Rotavele on October 5, 2011 and he was sentenced to ZI. It wasn't revealed to the world until June 11, 2012 when Rotavele posted the logs on the OWF in Rotavele's CN resignation thread.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012: Dave93 leaves the Imperial Order alliance affiliation and changes his AA to Arkham, where he is raided by King Brandon from the Mushroom Kingdom, successfully staggering Dave93. Gibsonator21, CSN's Minister of Defense, contacted Teh 1337 Guy, MK's Crown Prince, about King Brandon raiding Dave93. Gibsonator asked that King Brandon's slot go to CSN after the KB's war with Dave ended.

Later that evening, rsoxbronco1 approached and invited Dave93 to apply to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he was accepted into the MK Academy after receiving a royal exemption to the rule that ZI targets may not apply. This exemption was granted, as MK claims to believe that all Dave93 did was accept screenshots, and MK holds that that does not constitute spying. He sent peace offers to Gibsonator21Fig 1 and RequiaFig 2, the two CSN members who were attacking him, and the peace reason was "under the protection of MK." Dave93 was then nuked by RequiaFig 3. Following the nuclear attack, Gibsonator contacted Teh 1337 Guy via IRC requesting confirmation of Dave93's peace messages and claims of MK protection.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012: Mushroom Kingdom declared war on Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations. The coalition that was built around CSN claimed (and some still claim today) that the entire war was the result of a minor diplomatic dispute intentionally escalated by the Kingdom in order to avoid The International being drawn into the Second NoR-LSF War, which had started a few hours previous and would have put two, one direct and one indirect (and potentially many more), of the Kingdom's allies at war with one another, in turn weakening the Kingdom's global position and leaving their side of the global system relatively unprotected.

Many in the MK coalition, on the other hand, claimed that the buildup to the second LSF-NoR war had been deceitfully encouraged by members of the CSN coalition in order to level the playing field against the Kingdom in any potential global war against them, arguing in effect that it was the real farce.

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