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Lore Master Darth Volcaniz is the ruler of the nation of the Sith Dominion. While still new the cyberverse, he has found his home, and placed full alegiance to his brethren, the NSO. He is known for his ambitious, and often bloody, quests for more Lore and knowledge.

Basic Training and goals[]

Lore Master: ever since his early does among the sith 1 line above all others of the sith code rang in his mind and spirit: "The Truth shall set me free." The only question he asks when assigned targets is "will i be able to obtain new knowledge from him/her?" Force Hunter: Raised, trained, and talented at using the force to hunt, he was a natural choice to be an assassin. His entire life was training to hunt. both in places with and without the force to aid him. Now a grown and recognized sith lord, he only hunts for the sith. Regardless of weather it is a rogue lord, or a member of the order. He always works for free when he is assigned a jedi target, and will NEVER attack another sith lord without extreme reasoning.

Military career[]

The Red Library[]

It is his ultimate goal to create a library so vast that it consumes the entirety of a planet. In honor of the history of the sith, he has selected an uninhabited and uncharted volcanic planet to serve as its location. the name for the Planet/library is The red library.