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Official Flag of Darknecromance

National Flag
"Forget Injuries, Never Forget Kindnesses"
Capital City Darknecrom
Established 12/10/2011
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Nation Team Team: Red Red
Native Resources Spices.GIFOil.GIF

Darknecromance was a member of the New Pacific Order. His nation, Sparonis, was established on 18 February 2010.


Confederation of Organized Nations (CON)
June-Sept, Sept-November 2007
CON was the first alliance to recruit DarkNecromance and the first alliance he belonged to. He was Head of Military there, as well as the Lieutenant of First Battalion. He left due to disputes with his co-heads.

Veritas Aequitas (VA)
Sept-Sept 2007
DarkNecromance joined VA when JWConnor convinced him to leave CON. He served as Lord of Foreign Affairs and Lord of Armed Forces.

Ndrangheta (NDRA)
November-Dec 2007
DarkNecromance spent time as Consigliere in NDRA when Voodoo Nova persuaded him to join. He left to try out the NPO.

New Pacific Order (NPO)
DarkNecromance originally joined the New Pacific Order on 1 January 2008, hoping to find a place to retire. He wanted to be a “small fish in a big pond.” Eventually, though, DarkNecromance became a very active member of the Order. Nonetheless, he found himself forced to quit and several times due to RL issues and burnout. He he has always returned though, because he feels comfortable within the Order and enjoys it immensely.

New Sith Order (NSO)
After DarkNecromance gained a “bad rep” with the NPO, he joined the NSO. At NSO, he was Sith Marauder and founded their Praetorian Guard, as well as ran their media department. He finally left the NSO due to exhaustion.

New Pacific Order[]

DarkNecromance reapplied to the NPO on 3 March 2010. He returned to the NPO because

I miss my comrades who I was able to talk to without a fear or concern. I miss being able to work in my chosen field, and excel in it through my own volition instead of a man being down my throat. I miss the kind father-like reproaches that I received from my superiors. But above all I miss my comrades, and I miss the faith they once had in me and the trust they put in me.

After much questioning, he was accepted back into the Order.

DarkNecromance’s most memorable moment in the NPO was when he was asked to become an NCO, as he felt it was so unexpected and random. He had asked in the Job Fair thread about the requirements, and how to become one, and shortly after was asked to join their ranks.

Some of the most important things about the New Pacific Order for DarkNecromance are the members and the camaraderie of Body Republic. He cites several members in particular. Umbrae Noctem has been one of the most influential people in the order to DarkNecromance. He states that Umbrae has “an incredible drive and work ethic,” and “always seems like the person you wanted to be in the Order.” He also cites Loucifer as a very friendly Order member, who “kept me above the water, showed me that everybody makes mistakes, it only depends on what you do with them.” Additionally, he says that Brehon and Lord Valleo are like brothers to him and are true examples of the meritocratic system the Order is founded on.


...Protecting Pacifica is my fav job...

Tech Corps[]

As a Dispatcher, DarkNecromance helped manage the Tech Corps ensuring that procurers completed the deals assigned to them as rapidly as possible. He also handled the hiring and retiring of procurers and maintained their records.

Praetorian Guard[]

As a Praetorian, Dark Necromance foundnds and processed ghosts. He said that the Praetorian Guard was his favorite department to work in. He enjoyed the work that goes into the job and welcomed the responsibility that came with it. DarkNecromance is proud that behind the scenes he is making a difference, and that he works in a truly meritocratic group where advancement comes from your work.

Recruiting Corps[]

In the Recruiting Corps, DarkNecromance recruited new nations into the New Pacific Order which helps the Order grow.

Star Guard[]

DarkNecromance helped maintain the image of Franco's Star as an observer in the Star Guard.

Professions Past and Present[]

Future Endeavors[]

At this point, DarkNecromance hopes to be welcomed into the military, as well as become a Centurion in the Praetorian Guard. He also hopes to reach a managerial position in the Tech Corps.

War History[]

DarkNecromance's NPO War Ribbon Bar

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