Black team currently stands as the fourth team in rankings. There has also been a decrease over time of nations on black and few nations coming to black. Dark Rising is a team wide race to get black up as the largest and strongest team in CN. Through mass assemblage of all active black nations and alliances, Dark Rising will be to organize a massive program and recruitment drive to bring more nations to black and strengthen to team as whole. Another part of the dark rising program is to create propaganda for the team and to have day's dedicated to the history and calibration of black alliances during February.

Creating Dark Rising Edit

Creation of Dark Rising

Organization of the effort was done on the offsite black team forums, and in IRC and led by Gabriel Carver. The first meeting was held on the 7th where the initial dark rising programs where worked on and the program was started, another meeting is being held on February 14. All black alliances are invited and representatives from each expected to be in the meeting to discuss more about the direction of the program.

Significant Black Team Alliances
CurrentAlpha WolvesAODTGOONS(2)LoSSMenotahMOPAXRDSSpartaTEENUmbrella
Defunct\m/(2)57th(2)AeonAnathemaApocalypseAppACDC(1)ACDC(2)ACIDAzNAsgaardBMBioBDCBDBHBACoNBrainCombineCoRCB(1)CB(2)CISDCDarkfallDFDEDNFElementEtherFEBFISTFoB(1)FUCNFCCGOONS(1)GothamHoGHonourHoLIngSocIRANItovaIunctusJLAKrynnLCNLUALegio X[m]MafiaMERCMOCRMFONCAAbbsNemesisNNKo7ObsidianOMGODKOSAOTParaguasPCPEPrototypeTCITGE(2)OTRRavynsTRFtRTRTSATYR(2)TUR-SE-SoNSymphonyTriCom(1)TriCom(2)TroyUberconUBNXIII
See alsoActive: Dark Vows
Defunct: BPIDCGoonland Security ActNOIR
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