Dark Omen joined CyberNations on December 31, 2006. Before this, he was part of another gaming alliance that was not at all involved with CN, but his friend Loucifer (Now an Imperial Officer) was playing and got some of them interested. This resulted in 9 or 10 of them joining just as friends to see what it was about. They played for several months, and Loucifer constantly recruited them to join the New Pacific Order. This small group in which Dark Omen was the lead member wasn't ready to join such a serious alliance and get involved in the political aspects of the game. Then one day the Devil Dogs attacked one of Dark Omen's friends and being the group's leader, he retaliated. In turn, the DevilDogs did a first strike nuke offensive against this small group when not one of them had a nuke capable nation. Dark Omen turned to Loucifer for help under the Revenge Doctrine, and since the group consisted of less than 10 people, former General Jasmine decided to help them, and issued an offensive against the DevilDogs because of the nuclear first strike against the red team. This placed the Devil Dogs and the New Pacific Order in a state of war. Dark Omen was so impressed with the NPO, and their unified destruction of the Devil Dogs, that he decided to join and so did 5 of his friends while the rest left the game.

Dark Omen was a Knight in the Hearts Deck (Mentoring) of ACE, a Field Agent, a Technician, and a member of Council Pacifica. He is a former Academy Instructor as well. He has also served in the FAN-WUT War, the InFANtile War, Reeducation of Devildogs, Woodstock Massacre, Wolfpack War, and the GATO-1V War.

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