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In order to grow and prosper the Confederacy of Imperial States (CIS), the Order of Dark Knights (ODK), Obsidian (OBS) and the Black Defence Council (BDC) have come together to form a pact to signify to the world their presence and will to grow and survive.

Article I: Sovereignty[]

All signatories of this pact shall retain their individual state as sovereign and self governing alliances.

Article II: Nonaggression[]

All signatories of this pact are to share a common and enforced state of nonaggression toward each other. No member nation of the signatory alliances will be permitted to perform an act of aggression toward another member nation of this pact. In the event that this state of nonaggression is breached an arrangement of reparations must be reached and agreed upon by both parties involved. If no arrangement can be reached then this pact shall be considered null and void.

Article III: Mutual Defense[]

In the event that a signatory is attacked by an outside aggressor all non-involved signatories will be required to aid the signatory alliance with military force.

Article IV: Aid[]

All signatories of this pact will have the option to aid the other signatories in any manner they see fit. All requests for aid by one signatory to the other will be filled if able.

Article V: Intelligence[]

In the event that a signatory alliance finds themselves in the possession of information that might be useful or potentially harmful to one of the other signatory alliances they shall be required to pass it to the affected party.

Article VI: Trade[]

Open trade shall be instituted between all signatory alliances to help build economic strength within this pact. Each signatory alliance shall create a special "Trade" section in there forum where Trade Requests and Deals shall be placed to be filled. All member nations of the signatory alliances of this pact shall have access to the others "Trade" section. All member nations of the signatory alliances of this pact will be required to follow the rules and regulations put down and maintained by each signatory alliances forums.

Article VII: Admission[]

All alliances are welcome to submit a request for admission to this pact. All admissions to this pact must be approved by all current signatory alliances.

Article VIII: Nullification[]

To leave this pact a 72hr notice must be submitted to all other signatory alliance leaders. After the 72hr notice period the leaving alliance shall no longer be a signatory of this pact.

Article IX: Amendments[]

This pact may be amended with no less than unanimous support in favor of the amendment from all signatories.

Amendment I: Senate Cooperation[]

In an effort to secure a stable senate seat that represents the will and wish of the signatories, all signatories will cooperate to elect a set of candidate(s) to the black team senate. No commonly elected senator may sanction a signatory alliances member without express permission from that alliance leadership. The elected senator(s) will work for all signatories regardless of alliance affiliation.

Amendment 2: Optional Aggression[]

All signatories will have the option if they so desire to assist any other signatory with an offensive military action in any manner they see fit. No signatory will be required to assist any other signatory with an offensive military action.


For Confederacy of Imperial States
Quicksurfer- SC
Tiznoast- SC
Sharduke- SC
The Confederacy of Imperial States withdrew from the Dark Confederate on July 13, 2008

For Order of the Dark Knights
Grand Elder: Olivia8907
Grand Elder: thoax010
Grand Elder: LoM
Minster of Foreign Affairs: Xen
The Order of Dark Knights withdrew from the Dark Confederate on July 21, 2008

For Obsidian
The_Faith, King
Panginoon, Prince and Master Cake Eater
Elborraor, Royal adviser, badass with a stick, stealer of Christmas
Lokkeman, Duke of Internal Affairs & Trade and Arsehatter of IRC
StealingPandas, Marquess o' Recruitment
crazyisraelie, Duke of Foreign Affairs
Obsidian withdrew from the Dark Confederate on July 21, 2008

For Black Defense Council
Zzzptm - Minister President of State
AngryRaccoon - Chief Alliance Security Adviser
Terminal - Secretary of State
thej00 - Secretary of Defense
The Black Defense Council withdrew from the Dark Confederate on August 1, 2008

For Element
Danizduhman, Triumvir
Coolgreen44, Triumvir
Ryan Reyes, Triumvir
Element withdrew from Dark Confederate on June 26, 2008.

For Realm of Titans
The Desert Fox
Prime Minister
General Jangles
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of War
King Mobius
The Senate of RoT
RoT disbanded effectively withdrawing from Dark Confederate on May 21, 2008.

Signed for -SE-

Grand Commissars,
Baron Terror

Diplomacy Commissar,
Stalin Trotsky

The Imperial Assembly,
The Arbiter
Red Dragon

The Socialistic Empire merged to form The International on January 20, 2009

Brought to you by:
Dunder-Mifflin, Official Sponsor of this pact, Michael Scott, CIS Press Secretary, and Xeneth, author and creator of this pact.

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