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Capital City Topkapi
Established 2/13/2007
(4,572 days old)
Nation Team Orange team Orange


DarkMistress first came on to the world stage as the Deputy Secretary of State and later Secretary of State for IRON. While serving in these positions she was part of completing a "treaty blitz" the likes of which IRON has never seen before. She helped to acquire a MADP with the NpO and reaffirmed MDPs with NoV and TOP. Finally, the NPO MADP was drafted, edited, and signed.

While with IRON DarkMistress fought in the following wars: FAN-WUT War, FAN-1V War, GPA-Continuum War, Wolfpack War and the Unjust War.

New Pacific Order Edit

In April '08 DarkMistress had joined the NPO. Working in several departments including Military Command and where she had the most experience in Diplomatic Affairs. Quickly moving up the ranks of her chosen jobs. DarkMistress has become a person to look up to.

April 1, 2009 was a shocking day for all who were in Military Command, DarkMistress tendered her resignation as Colonel. Naturally it being April 1 everyone was calling it a joke and saying she would be back the next day. Sadly this was not to be so. Focusing more time on the Diplomatic Corps, DM moved forward.

April 7 DM was promoted by Emperor Revenge to the rank of Imperial Officer. She joined the ranks such as Dilber, VektorZero, Noob5, Triyun and Hawk 11 in charge of Foreign Affairs.

At the start of the Second Great Patriotic War the NPO was under the strain to feed all of the troops, so to rectify this the populace placed DM in charge of all Culinary Affairs.

On July 26, DarkMistress was re-assigned back to Military Affairs, which when Emperor Moo said it was to help "Balance the Load" there were more than a few bursts of laughter in the Body Republic.

November 26, 2009, the Council and the Imperial Office of the New Pacific Order declare a day of National Mourning to commemorate the service DarkMistress gave to the order. Her nation of Jamon was taken from Planet Bob when it reached day 25. Nutella was consumed all around Francograd in remembrance of a great Comrade.

Professions Past & Present Edit

Future Endeavors Edit

I'd hope to have been known for my hard work and efforts. I hope that when I retire, there are many who can step in and do my jobs better than me. I also hope to see many more people involved actively.

Awards and RibbonsEdit

DarkMistress's NPO War Ribbon Bar

CIS · Mk1lw8 · Jarheadswarribbon · Armageddon

DarkMistress was awarded the highest honour of the NPO Military, the Pacifican Light. She received this upon her retirement as Colonel on April 1, 2009.

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