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Daria is the capital city of Angarah. It is home to 947 citizens, and it is the leader in production in the nation. Citizens usually make 2,387.30 mark(s) a year, on average. Their major religion is Taoism, but there are small pockets of Islamic and Buddhist worshipers, in the Downtown area.


Daria was at one time struggling economically, but it was saved after a pointless war ended. They produce mostly Oil, and smaller other villages produce oil, and send to Daria for air transport to other countries.


Daria has several large temples, dedicated to Taoism worship. The main temple, has several shrines around it. However, in downtown, there are several crude shacks, which are Buddhist and Islamic temples.


Daria is a relatively clean city, when it comes to crime. There used to be several large gangs and mobs, but the Angarahan military was called in, and they quickly ended the matter.


Daria was not always Angarah's capital. For a while, Emmanitot, a small city to the south of Daria, was capital. After the formation of the country, horrible fallout swept the area that Daria now stands on. Captain Cookie II and Captain Cookie I quickly left before the fallout fell. They escaped to the second largest city, Emmanitot. Once the area was cleaned by a neighboring, they purchased the area from them, and built Daria.