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Daniland is a country with a leader name MiccyNarc, who is a long time member of, and Daniland is a member of the alliance. The capital is Danistown, located North America, near the famous Niagra Falls. War is an option for Daniland, but prefers to peacefully coexist with its neighbors.


Daniland has been involved in one war, with The Last Free City, for the reason of "Offenses against decency and good taste". The war was won swiftly with the help of the United Town of Domos. Here is a detailed description of the war and events surrounding it: It began on May 20, 2006, with Daniland realizing the close proximity of the TLFC. Daniland sought the political approval of other nations in its alliance, and on May 21, 2006, approval was granted. Immediately, Daniland went to war. Unfortunately, the first battle consisted of Daniland's 43 troops vs. ~50 TLFC troops. Daniland was defeated, losing 20 troops in the fight. TLFC also lost 10 troops. At this point, United Town of Domos attacked alongside Daniland. Here was the outcome:

Battle Outcome: Victory

United Town of Domos Casualties: 4 soldiers 0 tanks

The Last Free City Casualties: 20 soldiers 0 tanks

Battle Details: Your soldiers were triumphant and decisively defeated your enemy in this battle. Your soldiers owe their lives to your hard work as their leader. In your victory your forces captured 0.060 miles of land from The Last Free City. They also destroyed 0.284 infrastructure within The Last Free City. There was no technology stolen in this battle. The value of your equipment abandoned in the battle was $0.00. Your forces looted $0.37 from the nation of The Last Free City.

This spelled the end for TLFC. One more minor assault and it fell into Anarchy. Riots plague the nation now, as Daniland and United Town of Domos enjoy a victory celebration. Daniland would like to thank United Town of Domos for their assistance.

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