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Former Triumvir of the Random Insanity Alliance

Flag of Spacebanditville and the Dome

Damen is the ruler of the nation of Spacebanditville. He was the ruler of The Dome, an older nation founded on 12-5-06, until it's shocking and unexpected collapse on November 15, 2008. Spacebanditville was founded out of it's ashes. He is a former Triumvir and Head of Foreign Affairs of the Random Insanity Alliance.


Damen is a long time member of the RIA who was first seen in the RIA's political scene in the elections for the Sixth Cabinet where he ran for Foreign Advisor against Moth. He did not win this election but he eventually became the Head of Foreign Affairs for two terms at two separate times. Before he he ran once again for Head of Foreign Affairs he ran for and won the newly created Captain Planet position, a position that Damen suggested and created, in May of 2007 and stayed as the Captain Planet for the 3 following elections until the end of August. For the September election he gave up re-running for Captain Planet and ran once again for Head of Foreign Affairs and won as no one ran against him. He stayed as HoFA for the month but did not re-run the following month. He did not run for anything in the next month of October but re-ran for HoFA for November but did not win. As the new ConstRItution came into effect in December, Damen was one of the people who ran for the newly formed Triumvirate of the RIA. He won and stayed as a Triumvir for the following two months until he was up for election. Instead of re-running for the Triumvirate he decided to run once again for Head of Foreign Affairs. He won the election for HoFA and stayed HoFA for the following month as well. After this he decided to not run again and instead ran and won the election for Captain Planet for the April Cabinet. Since then he has not decided to run for any government position and has stayed as a ordinary member of the RIA.


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