Ruler of Vinnegael

Was aMoD and aMoIA in the Green Protection Agency. Later became Vice-President under JDMCBOGGS during the term 8/1/08-9/1/08 and became President after JDMCBOGGS had to stand down due to RL issues.

Dagnarus took part in the Woodstock Massacre when the GPA faced the Continuum bloc as well as several other alliances, and was part of Team 11 during the Reconstruction that took place afterwards.

After finishing the Presidential term, Dagnarus became less active on the GPA forums and IRC, as well as CN as a whole. However, he later became active and left the GPA to pursue a new career in the New Pacific Order. He was in the NPO for over six months and took part in defending Pacifica from her enemies in the Karma War.

Dagnarus made many friends in his time in CN, and a few enemies, and has always performed well for the alliances of which he was a member. He is not one to abandon friends in times of trouble and looked forward to a long and successful career in the NPO.

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