Dae Baedal Jeguk
The NPO Flag of the Dae Baedal Jeguk
Capital Shindan
Official Languages Korean
  • Monarchy
The Imperial Rule of
Emperor Gwangseong Kang Seung Jae
Team Red
Formation June 1, 2006/July 20, 2006
National Strength 4,681.558(9/14/2006)
World Ranking 752 (6/13/2006)
 • Total

32.015 mile diameter.

25.626 from purchases/sales/gains, 6.389 from natural growth.

 • Civilians
 • Military

437 Citizens
276 Soldiers
Currency Won
 • Connected
Fish Wine
Coal Fish Uranium Iron Oil Rubber Gems Silver

Dae Baedal Jeguk (the Great Empire of Baedal) is a Korean-Chinese country founded during the civil war of China. Kang Seung Jae, the leader of the Koreans, was crowned Emperor Gwangseong. For those who fancy a link,

Dae Baedal JegukEdit

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->Democratic vote of the people

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Education Edit

Educational standards are top-notch; all citizens are required to be proficient in at least 2 languages. Private schools are unheard of, so as to keep the curriculum uniform and objective. Public schooling is absolutely free, as long as one maintains a stable academic standing. Philosophy and the sciences are the Empire's main pursuits, while studies on religion remain optional at no extra cost.

Military Edit

The military forces of Vicuscia are almost always in plain view of the public; The Imperial Hwarang Guards are stationed at every intersection and government building in the state. Although science and technology are the primary pursuits of the Empire, the people in general know not of the military's involvement in such, but a few military press releases such as this may give them a substantial hint.

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Conflicts Edit

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