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DS1 is an abbreviation for "Defensive Station 1", located in Europa. DS1 is Europa's primary defensive outpost, able to house approximately 300 soldiers, up to 10 cruise missiles, two nuclear/chemical/biological bombs, and garages for 20 tanks.

As such, it is the largest military station in all of Europa.


History and PurposeEdit

The DS1 outpost was constructed following the Latvaria-Europa war, under oversight of the Mars05 Democratic Administration. Its purpose was to "Defend, Command, Control" the nation of Europa in a case of war. The construction put an end to the large riots that had swept the nation, following the depletion of the majority of European military forces after the Latvaria-Europa aggression.

DS1 houses all major communications technologies of Europa - situated on the top of Mount Europa, it has perfect visual (and therefore radio) contact with all European cities.

However, its altitude is cause for some concerns, seeing as there were numerous complaints of nausea, frostbites, and cold-related injury during the construction of the station, prompting many soldiers to write letters of complaint, some even threatening to quit service. The European Government worked closely with DS1 commanders and military generals to resolve the issue: Prior to gaining access to the facilities, soldiers must complete a one-week familiarization training on ground level, plus one week of First Aid and Sanitation education, funded by the Global Red Cross.

Two weeks into service, DS1 Commanders reported absolutely no doubts, saying that all soldiers were well-equipped to handle the extreme environment.

Apart from being the Communications and Defense Headquarters of Europa, DS1 was also created in order to develop and eventually store nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. The DS1 Laboratories have developed technologically-advanced projects, some of which have been exported to other nations on behalf of Europa.


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