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Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty

Preamble The Democratic Order of Anarchy (DOA) and Before All Death; Give Eternity (hereby referred as BADGE), hereby make this PIAT for increased friendship.

I. Sovereignty

The DOA and BADGE shall remain sovereign and separate from each other in government and alliance affiliations.

II. Non Aggression

The DOA and BADGE agree not to show any hostility towards each other. Nor shall they commit any offensive wars or spy attacks on anyone under the other’s affiliation.

III. Intelligence

Both signatories agree to share information that involves the other alliance. Any and all information shall not be falsified, kept, or tampered with and shall be delivered with uttermost speed.

IV. Aid

Both signatories agree to send aid to the other if it requested and needed, sending it is not required. If said person/alliance is in an offensive war, aid shall not be sent.

V. Upgrading

When BADGE reaches 75,000 Nation Strength, and if both signatories are interested, they shall review this treaty and determine if upgrading to a higher treaty is wanted.

VI. Cancelation

If DOA and/or BADGE wants to cancel this PIAT, they shall give at least a 48 hour notice of cancelation. In such both signatories shall remain neutral from each other.

Signed for DOA:

  • AsianLeader- High Council
  • Ghux- High Council

Signed for BADGE

  • Chief Commissione- BearerofTruth
  • Multiple Department Chief Sergeant- General_Ike