Date August 27, 2012 - October, 2012
Casus belli DICK accusations of International espionage
Result DICK cease to exist, de facto Int victory
Preceded by
Succeeded by
GOONS-TSL Tech raid
Dominion Institution of Carnal Killers

Dk flag
The International and Allies

The International

The DICK War (also known as the Flaccid War, the Hard Time, and the Graphic Climax) was a near global war between the Dominion Institution of Carnal Killers, the International, and various C&G Bloc alliances.

Build upEdit

Although their wiki claimed "powerful ties" with INT for a short time, the rise of DICK was conceived in turmoil with the International. DICK was formed by two former INT members as a protest against INT's participation (and lack thereof) in the Dave War. The two major thrusts of DICK's dissatisfaction were the feeling among some members that INT had tainted its reputation by giving its treaty-partner R&R the shaft when it allowed it's ally GATO to attack them, and that some felt INT left LSF hanging in the LSF-NoR War.


Relations between INT and DICK hardened when the latter accused the International of spying. Although initially claiming on the OWF that they were not declaring war on INT, the thread became increasingly nasty, causing DICK's resolve to stiffen. Things came to a head quickly, resulting in a declaration of war that far exceeded the scope of the initial International-DICK conflict, covering all of C&G and the Mushroom Kingdom in its effect. While some on Planet Bob admire DICK's spunk, others feel they have bitten off more than they can chew, and that their DoW was premature and will only reveal their impotence against the might of alliances much more well-endowed than themselves.

As of this time, no alliances other than INT, DICK and one GOONs raider have become embroiled in this conflict—in fact, GATO rejected DICK's DoW.


Before the first day of conflict was over, DICK's hardline stance against INT's alleged spying began to soften, and DICK attempted to pull out with a post as flaccid in content as it was in grammar. While no member of DICK was granted peace initially, the alliance eventually shriveled into nothingness, giving the International a de facto victory, which INT finally got around to announcing on October 17, 2012. It has been said by some that the alliance of DICK, while short-lived, left a bad enough taste in everyone's mouths that they will be long remembered. Hopefully, all parties involved will be able to put DICK behind them.

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