DBDC-Pax Corvus Conflict
Date August 2-22, 2014
Casus belli none
Status White Peace
Preceded by
SPATR-TDO Conflict
Succeeded by
Baldr War
Flag of DBDC.jpg Doombird Doomcave

Seers of Doom.png Seers of Doom

Minor Involvement
PaxFlag3.jpg Pax Corvus

The DBDC-Pax Corvus Conflict was a war between Doombird Doomcave and the neutral alliance Pax Corvus in early August, 2014. It began as a DBDC-described "clash" (apparently something between raid and war) and war "more of a mechanical nature" by DBDC and Seers of Doom, which Pax Corvus has continued to resist and fight back. Though, DBDC and Seers of Doom's attacks are unrelated to each other. Pax Corvus likens the attacks to "acts of terrorism".

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