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Czar Garrett is the current ruler of Serine, known as the Lord Imperious. His creative and unorthodox methods have helped Serine to develop rapidly, and he is well liked by the populous.


Garrett Shaw was born in the waning days of the summer of 1982 in the shadow of New York City in the United States.

Like most children of the day, he attended formal schooling, breezing through elementary school and then high school.

Rise to PowerEdit

After high school, Garrett attended college and was able to gain access to the mind of the great thinkers. Philosophers, dictators, economists, theologians- they all could give something. Once done with college, Garrett began traveling the world in an attempt to find a place he could control and mold in his own image.

His travels brought him to the city of Safi, a port city on the Atlantic in Morocco. There, he found followers in enough numbers to force a change.

The riots only lasted a few days, but when the dust cleared, Garrett and his followers had taken control of the city.


Czar Garrett in the aftermath of the riots.

Establishment of ControlEdit

At first, the newly crowned Czar Garrett wanted to establish a capitalist paradise, free of government intervention into the economy. But after some time, Czar Garrett realized that there were too many flaws in the system. The people were too poorly educated to run an effective free market, so the government took control of the industries and ran them as they needed to be run. Soon after, Serine's economy grew rapidly and the nation is now on track to become a power to be reckoned with in the years to come.

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