I have brought our policy up-to-code with Wikia's new policy. Our old policy is nowhere to be found, as WikiaBot somehow managed to remove all traces of it from the history. Any problems with this policy should be reported here, or edited by an administrator as they see fit. ~ Michael von Preußen (voicemail) • (nation)

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All of the flags and currency images (as well as most of the RP images) are copywrited. As nice as this sounds, I really don't think it should be attempted, it would ruin a lot of rp and I don't think it is worth enacting at all. -- Mason11987 (T - C - E -CN) 22:02, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

This is a wiki about Cyber Nations. Those images are, with the exception of RL national flags and alliance flags, copyrighted by Cyber Nations (or Planet Relam Gaming). Therefore, I'd claim fair use uner US law, wouldn't you? ~ Michael von Preußen (voicemail) • (nation)
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