Overview Edit

A way for Valhalla nations who have wiki pages to display their service awards for the conflicts they have fought in.
Please, if you're going to edit this, make sure that you leave ALL medals from Valhalla's conflicts here.

Ribbon Bar Edit

example's Valhalla Service Awards

VALnpoaid · Legionwar · Gwiv · Vietfanwar
Bapswar · Gpawar · Iaawar · Novwar
Coalitionwar · Valkw · BiPolarWar · Wintercamp


{{Valhallaserviceawards|name=example|npo aid|dove war|unjust war|vietfan|baps beatdown|woodstock massacre|gato-1v|nov war|coalition war|fusterluck war|bipolar war|winter campaign}}

Syntax Edit

The syntax for this template is as follows:

{{Valhallaserviceawards|name=<Name of Person>|<War 1>|<War 2>|etc...}}

Note that the name parameter is optional; if not specified, the name of the page will be used. The war values are as follows, please note that they must be entered exactly as they appear:

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