This is a List of active contributors to the Cyber Nations Wiki. Any questions or comments on the Wiki Contributor contact/mailing list please leave a message on RogalDorn's talk page and he will get back to you. Note: "Active" is a loose term.

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Active Contibutors
(Last updated 04:42, June 7, 2014 (UTC))
User EditsAAin-game PM / linkNotes
J Andres (talk • contribs) 5,826 Gpaflag Message compose J Andres Wiki Bureaucrat; Active roleplayer
Lol pie (talk • contribs) 21,242 Wiki Bureaucrat
Bobogoobo (talk • contribs) 11,131 NPObannerflagnew Message compose Bobogoobo Wiki Bureaucrat, NPO Wiki team; occasional roleplayer
RogalDorn (talk • contribs) 19,927 Flag of Sengoku Message compose qwerty nationWiki Admin, Former NPO Wiki team
Michael von Preußen (talk • contribs) 29,716 Flag of Invicta Message compose Grossgermania Retired Wiki Admin; former roleplayer
ADude (talk • contribs) 69 NPObannerflagnew Message compose Thatguy
Ansontx (talk • contribs) 652 LegionFlag Message compose Texas OWFNews, Alliance forums and IRC list
Arrnea (talk • contribs) 1,729 Gpaflag Message compose The Barony of Arrnea Former roleplayer
AyaReiko (talk • contribs) 217 NPObannerflagnew Message compose Border of Illusion
Baltus7 (talk • contribs) 486 Flag of Viridian Entente Message compose Baltum unofficial VE updater
Bernhard Klein (talk • contribs) 337 TLR FLAGWIKI Message compose Nieuwlimburg The Last Republic updater
Botha (talk • contribs) 7,291 Flag of Nordreich Message compose Transvaal Semi-active roleplayer
Brenann (talk • contribs) 950 NPObannerflagnew
Caius Alexandrian1 (talk • contribs) 1,209 Gpaflag Message compose Republic of Socotra Former NPO Wiki team
CaladinK (talk • contribs) 50 Gpaflag Message compose Kaitain
Cataduanes (talk • contribs) 755 TLRflagwavemaroon-blue Message compose Cataduanes Semi-active roleplayer
CloudSpirit (talk • contribs) aka Dragonshy 571 Gpaflag Message compose Cloudshy Active roleplayer
ConRed (talk • contribs) 271 Omega Flag Message compose Crimson Republic
Council of Ten (talk • contribs) 1,180 NpOFlag7 Message compose Bailiwick of Conti
Dan100 (talk • contribs) 1,135 NPObannerflagnew Message compose C123po NPO Wiki team
Franz Ferdinand (talk • contribs) 339 Flag of NG Message compose L252beck
Genghis (talk • contribs) 955 Flag of GLOF Message compose San Serriffe
Gopherbashi (talk • contribs) 1,693 Placeholder Flag Message compose Crisconia The Amazing Sanction Race updater
Imperial Empire (talk • contribs) 4,841 NPObannerflagnew Message compose Imperial Empire Former NPO Wiki team
JStryker (talk • contribs) 152 Gpaflag Message compose Stryker Empire Active roleplayer
Kev11sky (talk • contribs) 467 MHA Small Flag Message compose UFPNS
Kurdanak (talk • contribs) 173 Gpaflag Message compose Sinkleraken GPA updater
LittleRena (talk • contribs) 631 TPFflag Message compose Anyplace inactive member of STOP
LordofDark (talk • contribs) 433 NPObannerflagnew Message compose Relm of Darkness NPO Wiki team
Mantineia (talk • contribs) 681 IRONflag Message compose Mantineia Former NPO Wiki team
Mompson (talk • contribs) 125 NpOFlag7 Message compose Mompson unofficial NpO updater
Montosh (talk • contribs) 142
Nascar8FanGA (talk • contribs) 679 Flag of Invicta Message compose Acturea Invicta Wiki Team, Official Invicta updater
Nerau (talk • contribs) 80 NPObannerflagnew Message compose imperial council NPO Wiki team
RenegadeOfficer (talk • contribs) aka "Mal" 512 Fan Message compose Anvil Forge Inactive roleplayer
Rotavele (talk • contribs) 424 Echelonflag2 Message compose Starlight
Rudolph Komnenos (talk • contribs) 141 Flag of Shangri-La Message compose Basileia Rhomaion Shangri-La updater
SeasonsOfLove (talk • contribs) 69 NPObannerflagnew
Shir Tigerstripe (talk • contribs) 86 Flag of the Democratic Order Message compose Macronesia
Sir Keshav IV (talk • contribs) 1,232 Flag of The Dark Templar Message compose Articuno Islands
Walsh the Beloved (talk • contribs) 2,016 SRA Flag Peace Message compose Walshington
Xoin (talk • contribs) 129 NpOFlag7 Message compose Rjvkmsc
Zeta Defender (talk • contribs) 339 NPObannerflagnew

Inactive contributors (nation deleted)Edit

Inactive Contibutors
User EditsAAin-game PM / linkNotes

Dynasty1 (talk • contribs) 4,284 MHA Small Flag Message compose Grand Besaid Wiki Admin; inactive roleplayer
Azu-nyan (talk • contribs) aka "Locke" 8,037 Flag of the Global Order of Darkness Message compose Alestor *DELETED* Wiki Admin; inactive roleplayer
Bowwow828 (talk • contribs) 0 TPFflag Message compose Bowasia Active roleplayer
Chao101 (talk • contribs) 1,315 Uconcopy Message compose Hispanic Peak Active roleplayer
Chief Savage (talk • contribs) 219 Umbrella Message compose Euparadeisos Umbrella Updater
Frank Jaegar (talk • contribs) 1,295 ApparatusPeace Message compose Pacific Empire *DELETED* former roleplayer; former member of STOP
John Diesel (talk • contribs) 221 SymFlagWave2nd Message compose Weebletopia Symphony updater
JustinVuong (talk • contribs) 0 NPObannerflagnew Message compose United States of JBR *DELETED* Inactive roleplayer; member of STOP; former NPO Wiki team
King dope (talk • contribs) 1,702 Celtic World Order Message compose Republic of Celtic Active roleplayer
KingJarkko (talk • contribs) 5,875 Message compose Uralica *DELETED* Inactive roleplayer
MTTezla (talk • contribs) 272 Gatoflag2 Message compose Nova Rio *DELETED*
Pikachurin (talk • contribs) 18,712 Gpaflag Message compose Disparu Inactive roleplayer
Randalla (talk • contribs) 283 PaxFlag3 Message compose The HiElands
Soviet Canuckistan (talk • contribs) 286 New MK Flag Message compose Soviet Canuckistan unofficial MK updater
William B. Travis (talk • contribs) 3,351 Flag of Nordreich Message compose Bexar Semi-active roleplayer
Zabuza825 (talk • contribs) 1,563 Flag of LoSS Message compose Union of Midway Active roleplayer; member of STOP
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