This is a brief description to get you going. It is not intended to be a complete description of all you can know about adding or editing your entry. You will be creating a new entry on the Cyber Nations Wiki in order for others to see information about your nation. Make sure you have your nation in Cyber Nations open in another browser tab or window.

To create a new entry, enter the name of your nation into the box below. If a page already exists, someone else has a nation with the same name as yours; ask an admin such as Lol pie or Michael von Preußen for assistance.

When you fill in and click the field above, it will take you to a page with a template for you to fill out that will allow you to create your own page. Make all needed changes in the text to reflect the information you see in Cyber Nations replacing everything on the right side of the "=" sign with your own information. The majority of the fields are optional for correct display, but it is recommended you fill as many out as you can to provide more information for anyone viewing your page. The only fields that are absolutely necessary are name and id. Other fields often used are flag or team. And again, fill in as many as you can.

  • Note - To find your nation id, click the "View my nation" link in Cyber Nations while you are logged in. The numbers after the "=" sign in the URL are your nation id. Example:

The URL has the numbers 338829 for the nation id, so the field will look like this: |id = 338829

If the last line says:
Retrieved from ""
Make sure to delete it. Sometimes it gets entered automatically.

After you finish writing your nation description please check this template and read the instructions there to enter your nation into the Latest Nation section on the main page.

After all of your edits are complete, enter a comment into Summary and click the checkbox of Watch this page, then click Save page. Also, If you decide to add images to your page, when uploading them type [[Category:National Flags]] and [[Category:Flags]] into the description box.

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