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Welcome to the CyberNations Community Portal! Here you can find news pertaining to the wiki, as well a list of projects with which you can help. Please feel free to participate in any of these projects to whatever extent you are able. If you have an idea for the wiki which you need help implementing, feel free to list the idea below.

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  • A new system has been introduced for reporting vandalism. If this system works out it will become a permanent feature of the wiki.
  • Please view and comment on the proposed updated vandalism policy

To-do list

  • Expand the Help Desk
  • Continue Portals Project
  • Create a list of frequently accessed topics
    This is a difficult list to create, since we cannot easily see pageviews and see which topics are the most popular. As such, this list is a product of intuition... what pages does the average cybernationling visit this wiki to see?
  • Port over lists from the forums that would fit better in the wiki, such as much of the content linked to on this page.
  • Got an idea? Already working on a project? List it here!


Project IdeasEdit

  • Define featured article status for Alliance fact-books and articles:
    • Publicize definition and allow it to be shaped by the community
    • Encourage everyone to get involved to strive to get their own alliance article to featured status
    • Work as a community to bring all alliance articles up to such a standard.
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