Cyber Nations Wiki

This page outlines a policy on the Cyber Nations Wiki.

No user may distribute any similar information to a large amount of users (ten or more) in one day.

For example, you may not post "Come leave a note on my page!", "Come post on my page!", "Come and post on my user page!", etc. on more than ten users' pages in a single day.


  • First offense: Reverting all advertising, warning.
  • Second offense: Reverting all advertising, 24 hour ban.
  • Third offense: Reverting to all advertising, 72 hour ban.
  • Fourth offense: Reverting to all advertising, one week ban.
  • Fifth offense: Reverting to all advertising, two week ban, possible permanent ban if it is unanimously decided by two bureaucrats and one administrator. If not permanently blocked, then all future offenses will be punished with a one month ban, and it will be voted on again to ban them or not, in which all users may vote.

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