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Cyber Nations Tournament Edition (often abbreviated as CN:TE) is a variant of Cyber Nations which is more focused on wars. The game resets every several months. It originally came out of limited testing beta on December 9, 2006 but was later shut down several months later. It was restarted on July 31, 2009 by admin for 200 nations in Alpha testing. The gameplay on both Tournament Edition and Standard Edition is extremely similar, however there are also several differences (see below).


The game plays out much like Cyber Nations. The exception are that it resets every two months, and is geared to more of a war tournament type style of play. However, in recent rounds treaty blocs and other macro-scale interactions, previously confined to CN:SE, have established themselves in TE, albeit in a short-lived fashion. The cost of infrastructure, technology, improvements, wonders and weapons have gone down, to make the game more fast-paced. The winner of CN:TE (the nation with the highest NS at the end of the round) has the choice of adding a new custom flag into Cyber Nations (both Standard and Tournament Editions).


Foreign aid and peace mode are not available in CN:TE. New nations are allowed to declare war and be declared war upon after the first day of creation. The purchase cost of improvements, wonders, infrastructure, land, and technology have been significantly reduced. Nations may purchase more infrastructure (100), land (100), and technology (20) at a time as compared to the limits in Cyber Nations Standard Edition. Nations begin the game with $5,000,000 startup funds. Sanctioned alliance flags will not appear in the alliance statistic screens. Nation strength is updated on demand whenever a nation display screen is loaded as well as during standard in-game transactions. Once a tournament round resets, the top 100 nations ranked by strength will be stored in the Tournament Winners screen available from the World Statistics screen in-game. During a tournament reset all nations, private messages, and statistics will be deleted. To start the new round users will need to create a new nation. Wonders may be purchased every 10 days rather than every 30 days. Random events last for 10 days rather than 30 days.


For Tournament Edition results, see Cyber Nations Tournament Edition/Results.
RoundVersionStart dateEnd dateWinnerFlag Added
1 Alpha 0.1 7/31/2008 8/4/2008
1 Alpha 0.1 8/4/2008 8/30/2008 Meatwad of Jihad
2 Beta 1.0 8/30/2008 11/28/2008 SammyKhalifa of No special character Custom57
3 Beta 2.0 11/28/2008 2/26/2009 The Boss of Empire Custom56
4 Beta 2.1 2/26/2009 4/27/2009 Caelum of De Caelo Missus Custom59
5 Beta 2.1 4/28/2009 6/25/2009 Firebolt of Welchwood Custom61
6 Beta 2.1 6/26/2009 8/24/2009 Double 0 Seven of Top Secret HQ Fearflag
7 Beta 2.1 8/25/2009 10/23/2009 GeneralRaam of LastDitchEffort Custom64
8 Beta 2.1 10/23/2009 12/23/2009 Undefined of Unlimited Mkflag
9 Beta 2.1 12/23/2009 2/21/2010 Severus Snape of Spinners End Ninjaflag
10 Beta 2.1 2/21/2010 4/22/2010 Chiftelos of Harrys Harlots Flag of Nordreich
11 Beta 2.1 4/22/2010 6/21/2010 Aragorn of Anorien of Gondor Roman1copy
12 Beta 2.1 6/21/2010 8/20/2010 AntEater Asgaardflag2
13 Beta 2.1 8/20/2010 10/19/2010 Colossi of Protoss Umbrella

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