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Founded in early October 2006, The Cyber Nations Anti-Rogue Force (CNARF) was a multi-alliance organization that offered assistance against unprovoked aggression. They had a strict policy of not defending unattended nations and would only help if it was asked. At first, the members mostly would find obvious cases and ask if help was needed. As time passed, they became well-known enough for victims to start contacting them as well.

Members Edit

CNARF was composed of members from many alliances as well as unallied nations. The founder, walford, was at the time the Defense Minister of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, but senior leadership from several alliances are also in authority. A single leader can veto a mission for such concerns as a Mutual Defense Pact. Consent must be unanimous.

Criticism Edit

Many nations, particularly those belonging to rival alliances to that of the founder such as the New Pacific Order and the Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving accused CNARF of being a "world police force" that was in fact merely another gang, but instead stole from the other thieves.

Another criticism was that it had a security structure that included protection from the alliances that gave clearance for its members to participate. The given purpose was to deter their targets from gathering a group to counter-attack. Critics countered that participants should be denied protection from their alliances and that CNARF functions as an alliance.

CNARF is Attacked, Disappears Edit

The outrage became so intense that Bilrow, then Triumvir of the Grand Global Alliance, announced a War Games exercise in which members would randomly attack unaligned nations with the stated purpose of drawing out CNARF volunteers and destroying them in battle. CNARF did not respond, but a backlash against GGA ensued and finally the leaders who ordered it were suspended from power.

Finally, a group of nations decided use force against CNARF's founder and a few other known participants, including a series of nuclear and conventional attacks. These were immediately countered by the founder's alliance and their Mutual Defense Pact partners. The attack against the founder was as widely hailed as the allied defensive response was condemned - particularly by NPO and GOONS.

The founder was served notice that his nation would be continually attacked with nuclear weapons until he agreed to disband CNARF. He adamantly refused, openly inviting more attacks rather than submit. This brought him accusations of having a Messiah complex.

Currently, the link to their message board is broken and their leadership is not talking. The founder remains a target.

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