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Curtis Martin was the Founder of the CCC, serving as the alliance's First Chancellor from April - November of 2006. He is presumed to be the author of the first version of the CCC Charter, which was published on April 20, 2006, and ratified on the 27th. He was ruler of the nation S. Baptist Federation. Together with Beef of Irk and Alomran, Curtis Martin help set up the Alliance Forums in June of 2006.

During his reign as Chancellor, he set the long-term tone for the Alliance as a home to nations that are both brave and gracious. On the domestic front, he enshrined the ideal that every CCC Member in good standing should have an active voice in the running of the Alliance. During his tenure as the Alliance Leader, he helped guide us safely through The Great War as a neutral alliance, setting the stage for a foreign policy of being 'mostly neutral' that would last until The Unjust War in September 2007. He also guided us to victory through our first alliance-wide conflict, the Rogue War of 2006, where multiple rogue nations attacked the CCC.

Curtis Martin is remembered for being honest, strong of heart, heroic, and caring. While carrying the air of an experienced and powerful leader, he was also very fun-loving and approachable. He founded the CCC as a place where Christian nations across Planet Bob could gather for peace, self-defense, and to live our lives as a positive testimony to the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of a dangerous and unstable world.

Curtis Martin had to leave us due to increasing burdens in his RL schooling and career. His alliance activities declined dramatically over the 2006 Christmas holiday, and his nation disappeared from inactivity in late February of 2007. Though long gone from Planet Bob, his influence in founding this alliance is still felt, both within the CCC, and in the world at large.

Of all the former members of our alliance, Curtis Martin is the one individual who can be credited with establishing our identity in CyberNations, and making us who we are today. We hope that he would be proud of what we have become, and hope that we will always remember to hold his name and ideals in high honor.

– Written by Sheldomar

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