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The first Cup of Nations was played in May and June of 2010. Established by Pravus Ingruo, the tournament was devised as the CNRP equivalent of the annual Transvaal World Cup which is a tournament dedicated to in-game nations.


Cup of Nations
Tournament Date Champion Runner-Up Score
Cup of Nations I May-Jun 2010 Denmark Carthage 0-0 (3-0 PK)

Preliminary Round Results[]

May 17, 2010[]

  • GROUP ONE: York v. Texas 1-0; Cochin v. PRC 0-1

A back and forth game between the two regional neighbors in the People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Cochin played out first. It was still tied 0-0 late in the back before the PRC's right middy broke through with an excellent header off a cross to put the PRC up 1-0 in the 76th minute. Cochin was unable to score and the game ended in a 1-0 win for the PRC. In the late game, the home favorites scored early in the game as Texas was unable to clear it in the box and the left midfielder slammed it into the upper right 90. Neither team was able to get many chances on net after that, as York manged only 4 all game and Texas only 5. Still, the early goal was enough for the home team who took the game 1-0.

  • GROUP TWO: Athenian Federation v. France 2-4; Slavic Federation v. Transvaal 0-1

In the easy shocker of Match Day One, France shocked the Athenian Federation 4-2. As their center middy and striker each game them two goals apiece, France shocked the soccer world, expected to not even win a game in the "Group of Death". Order was restored in the later game as favorites Transvaal knocked off the Slavic Federation 1-0 in a tightly contested match that exemplified how much Transvaal is going to have to work to get out of this group unscathed.

  • GROUP THREE: Louisiana v. Isocoles 0-1; Carthage v. GDR 2-0

The Louisiana National Team fought hard against United Isocoles, but the Asians were simply too proficient with their passing, capitalizing on a late Louisiana mistake in their own end to put the ball past the keeper in the 69th minute, winning 1-0. Louisiana has to be disappointed with that loss when they had many good chances throughout the game and the crowd was pulling for them the whole way. In the late game, Carthage beat the GDR 2-0. Carthage's defense was the key in the game, forcing many turnovers from GDR's attackers and really never letting their offense get going. GDR only managed three shots on net the entire game, and none were much of a threat.

  • GROUP FOUR: Novak v. Denmark 1-0; Australia v. Wilsons Promontory 3-0

Playing who is expected to be their toughest opponent in the group, Novak took down Denmark 1-0 in what was a very physical game from start to finish. However, it really didn't look as if Novak was trying exceptionally hard to get past the Danes. We will see if this "coasting" attitude costs the favored side at all through the group stage. In the later game, continental neighbors went after each other and Australia destroyed Wilsons Promontory 3-0. The performance was lackluster all around from the Wilson side, only managing one shot on net during a breakaway as Australia dominated play, keeping possession for nearly 70% of the game.

May 18, 2010[]

  • GROUP ONE: Cochin v. York 1-1; Texas v. PRC 0-0

It seemed like no one in Group One wanted to win on Match Day Two. The Kingdom of Cochin had a 1-0 lead off a freekick directly into the net in the 37th minute, but turned the ball over midway through the second in their defensive zone to allow the Republic of York to slice one into the back of the net to tie the game. Sloppy play marked the last 20 minutes of the contest, and both teams walked out of Manhattan Stadium with a single point. In the later game between the Commonwealth of Texas and the People's Republic of China, spectacular goalkeeping rather than sloppy play marked the affair. Each team managed a hefty number of shots on net, with Texas shooting eight and the PRC firing away with eleven, but the keepers for each team saved the day, shutting out their opponents. Good goalkeeping, or lack of offense, whichever you prefer, seems to mark Group One right now, with no team scoring more than two goals so far.

  • GROUP TWO: Slavic Federation v. Athenian Federation 2-0; France v. Transvaal 0-1

In a controversial game, the Slavic Federation beat the Athenian Federation 2-0. The Slavs took an early 2-0 lead on a breakaway in the 4th minute and a corner kick in the 16th. The Athenians tried to fight their way, but a phantom offsides call in extra time in the first half disallowed a goal and a missed foul that would have led to a penalty kick in the 58th minute doomed their chances. Officials were not made available for comment after the game. In the late game in Albany, Transvaal needed a last second goal to down the Empire of France. While the footballers from South Africa were undoubtedly the more physical team, as is their hallmark, the Empire of France not only met their aggression, but in some cases exceeded it. This led to a very back and forth game that didn't lead to too many chances. However, a hard tackle in their own end by the Springboks and an excellent outlet pass led to a breakaway in stoppage time that the Transvaaler forward chipped over the keeper's head for a 1-0 victory.

  • GROUP THREE: Carthage v. Louisiana 1-1; Isocoles v. GDR 0-0

Another group where it seemed like no one really wanted to win today. Louisiana squandered numerous chances in the Carthage zone, only firing three shots on net along with almost a dozen near misses. Carthage's defense seemed to break down time and again, letting the Bayou Boys get deep into the box, but they would either misfire or the Carthage keeper was able to save them. Only one shot got through in the first half, putting Louisiana up 1-0 at the break. Carthage would only get one chance for their anemic offense all game, a corner that was headed past the Louisiana keeper in the 55th minute to tie the game at 1-1, which is how it would end. In the later game, GDR simply dominated United Isocoles all game long, but could not get it past their keeper. Isocoles did not manage a single shot on net, and despite numerous breakaway opportunities for the Germans, none were able to get past the keeper. German players almsot seemed to be taking this tie as a loss after the game, knowing they had just squandered an excellent chance to get three points.

  • GROUP FOUR: Australia v. Novak 2-2; Denmark v. Wilsons Promontory 0-1

It was a day of upsets in Group Four. In the early game, the Queendom of Australia took on Novak in a game widely expected to end in three points for the Arabian side. However, the Australians showed surprising heart, scoring first on the Arabians and forcing them to play from behind all day. The Aussies scored off a shot from just outside the box in the 17th minute, the reward for a prolonged attack in the Novak end. Novak struck back in the 44th minute on a corner on a ball that curved perfectly into the net. Australia struck first in the second though on a brilliant header off a cross in the 57th minute, and only a goal in the 83rd on a sliding kick saved Novak a point. In the second game, a massive upset was registered as Wilsons Promontory beat Denmark 1-0. Wilsons played a predominantly defensive style all game, never really allowing Denmark any room to work with. A laser to the upper 90 on the right side in the 23rd minute by a WP middy proved to be the only marker of the game, leaving Denmark languishing at the bottom of the table with zero points.

May 20, 2010[]

  • GROUP ONE: York v. PRC 1-0; Texas v. Cohin 0-0

The home side continued their impressive run through the group stage with a 1-0 win over the People's Republic of China. A header off a freekick in the 40th minute put York ahead for good. Cause for concern arose late in the second half however as the York defense had two bad breakdowns, allowing the PRC offense two excellent chances on net. One shot pounded off the crossbar in the 78th minute and one missed the goal by a hair to the right in the 88th. The win gives York a one game lead over the rest of the field with three games to go. In a game between two winless teams, both Texas and the Kingdom of Cochin hoped to get on the board and get started chasing down York and the PRC. However, both teams' offenses continued to remain completely inept, neither managing a goal. While both teams have played good defense to this point, with Texas only allowing a single goal through three games and Cochin only two, Texas has yet to score a goal and Cochin has managed only one.

  • GROUP TWO: Athenian Federation v. Transvaal 1-1; France v. Slavic Federation 0-0

Another group, another day of draws all around. The last place Athenian Federation got a much needed point against the first place Springboks, using an early goal to shock the Transvaalers and force them to play from behind all game. A sustained attack in the Athenian zone midway through the second frame got Transvaal on the board and gave them the momentum. However, they weren't able to capitalize as the Athenians pulled themselves into a defensive shell, allowing Transvaal to possess the ball for most of the rest of the game but never allowing them with any legitimate scoring chances. France and the Slavic Federation also ground out a tie, this one ending 0-0 as both goalkeepers were easily able to handle the few chances that were put their way. Transvaal holds a game lead over France and the Slavic Federation at the midway point.

  • GROUP THREE: Louisiana v. GDR 0-1; Isocoles v. Carthage 1-0

In another battle of winless teams, the German Democratic Republic struck almost off the opening kickoff and then held on to beat Louisiana 1-0. The breakaway chance was allowed off a German rush on the kick off, along with a poor tackling effort by the Louisiana defense. A two on one ensued and the ball was easily put into the back of the net. Louisiana had a few chances throughout the rest of the game, but nothing substantial materialized. In a game to determine outright first place at the midway point, United Isocoles beat Carthage 1-0 to take a one game lead at the midway point. Precision passing was the theme for this game: Isocoles had it and Carthage didn't. The passing of the Isocoles team continually broke down the Carthage defense while turnovers by Carthage continually killed any offensive production they hoped to get. That passing led to the only goal of the game: a turnover by Carthage turned into a great leading pass for Isocoles to a great cross which led to the easy goal.

  • GROUP FOUR: Novak v. Wilsons Promontory 0-0; Denmark v. Australia 0-0

No goals were scored in Group 4 on Match Day 3. The Queendom of Australia's productive offense was shut down by Denmark as the Danes earned their first points of the tournament. Wilsons Promontory pulled a surprise point away from Novak, as the favorites stumbled once again, leaving them with a 1-2-0 record. No team in Group 4 has more than one win, a blessing for the Danes if they wish to make it out of the group stages.

May 22, 2010[]

  • GROUP ONE: Texas v. York 0-1; PRC v. Cochin 0-0

Amid rumors that Texas plans to join the hated United States, the Republic of York team came out with a different vibe in their game today. They physically took it to the team from Texas, resulting in a number of fouls along with a few yellow cards. Their physical play led to a turnover in the 17th minute that ended in a goal. Just a few minutes later though, York's physical play caught up with them as one of their players was sent off after an exceptionally hard tackle that led to a Texas player being carted off the pitch. York played exceptionally conservative after that sending off, still being physical, but only in their own zone and never let Texas even get a shot off on net. In the second game, the People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Cochin played each other to a scoreless draw, giving the first pass into the knockout round to the home team. At 10 points, the Republic is out of reach of the Kingdom of Cochin, currently in third with 3 points. Celebrations throughout the Republic reportedly broke out as news of the result spread. All other teams are still mathematically in competition for the second advancing spot.

  • GROUP TWO: France v. Athenian Federation 0-0; Transvaal v. Slavic Federation 2-2

Yet another round of ties marked Group 2's Match Day Four. The Empire of France and the Athenian Federation played to a 0-0 tie, which neither team able to connect on passes all day. Both teams had their chances, but errant passes or bad timing prevented both teams from scoring. The Slavic Federation got their first two away goals in a tie with Transvaal that saw the Springboks squander an early 2-0 lead but almost win it in stoppage time in the second half with a ball that slammed off the crossbar. If Transvaal wins one of its last two games, then they advance to the knockout rounds. The Athenian Federation, still at the bottom of the table, has not been mathematically eliminated yet, however, they must win their last two games to even have a chance to advance.

  • GROUP THREE: Isocoles v. Louisiana 1-0; GDR v. Carthage 1-2

Continuing to prove themselves one of the worst teams in the tournament, Louisiana lost 1-0 to United Isocoles today. The Bayou Boys never were able to get anything going on offense, and their defense simply could not find a way to clear the ball out of their own zone against the Isocoles attack. In the second game, Carthage got a much-needed win against the German Democratic Republic, coming back from an early 1-0 deficit to score two goals in a span of 15 minutes in the second half to take a 2-1 lead they never relinquished. All the teams are still technically able to advance, though Isocoles only needs one more point to advance and Louisiana needs to win each of its last two games simply to have a chance.

  • GROUP FOUR: Denmark v. Novak 0-1; Wilsons Promontory v. Australia 0-0

Amid allegations of match-fixing, the team from Novak almost seemed to go out of their way to make sure that Denmark had nothing to gripe about. In undoubtedly the cleanest game of the entire tournament, Novak never gave the officials a reason to call any fouls on them. Playing a very precise game that methodically broke down the Denmark attack and then defense, Novak only scored a single goal but played the best football of any team in the tournament so far. MediaCorp officials in charge of the tournament were seen congratulating Novak coaches after the match for such a cleanly played game. The two rivals from Australia played to a 0-0 tie, a small measure of revenge for Wilsons Promontory after the 3-0 bludgeoning they took at the hands of the Queendom in the first match day. Even with Denmark's ineptitude at putting the ball into the net, they still have 0 goals through four games, they are still mathematically eligible to advance, but they have to win both of their last two games to even have a chance.

May 26, 2010[]

  • GROUP ONE:York v. Cochin 0-1; PRC v. Texas 1-0

The hometown fans saw their team lose for the first time this tournament, ending what could only be described as a Cinderella-esque run for the York side. "Adrenaline, momentum, and feeding off the crowd will only take you so far," York's manager was heard commenting after the game, "You still need to play well to win." The York side did not play well, despite enthusiastic urgings from their faithful, turning the ball over repeatedly and committing a number of foolish fouls. The Kingdom of Cochin side capitalized on those mistakes, culminating with a penalty shot in the 58th minute. The shot easily beat the keeper for the only marker of the game, giving Cochin a much needed 1-0 victory to remain in the hunt for a knockout round spot. The second game was rather boring as the People's Republic of China played a very defensive style, capitalizing on a Texas mistake for a breakaway late for the game's only marker, winning 1-0. The win puts them two points ahead of Cochin for the final spot into the knockout stages.

  • GROUP TWO: Athenian Federation v. Slavic Federation 1-0; Transvaal v. France 4-3

In an effort to keep their Knockout Round hopes alive, the Athenian Federation won in dramatic fashion against the Slavic Federation. With time winding down in stoppage time in the second half, the ball went out for an Athenian corner. A beautifully curled shot was struck nicely with a header to put the ball in the back of the net. The Slavs never had a chance to answer as the final whistle blew right after the ensuing kickoff. The Athenian Federation got their first win of the tournament which puts them into a tie for second, points-wise, in Group 2. The fans were treated to an absolute delight of a game when France and Transvaal went at it in the later game. Transvaal scored early, but France, the surprise of the tournament thus far, fought back and shocked the Springboks by tallying three straight markers to make it 3-1 at the half. A goalie switch seemed to get the favored side back on their feet as they launched their famous aggressive attacks in the second half, simply out-muscling the French side. The Springboks rattled off three straight markers of their own, the final and game winner coming on a beautiful strike from almost thirty meters out in the 89th minute. With the win, Transvaal secured its spot in the knockout round, and bookies everywhere breathed a little easier.

  • GROUP THREE: Louisiana v. Carthage 0-2; GDR v. Isocoles 0-0

Adding insult to injury for a team already eliminated, Carthage beat up on Louisiana 2-0 in the early game in Syracuse. The powerhouse team from Africa blasted the Bayou Boys for two quick goals to start the game (markers coming in the 3rd and 11th minutes) before sitting back in a defensive shell, never allowing Louisiana even a taste of the goal. After those first 11 minutes, the game was relatively boring and uninspiring, and many fans applauded with the fourth official only added a minute of stoppage time to the end of the game. The win seals Carthage's spot in the Knockout Round. In the second game, the GDR needed a win to stay alive against United Isocoles. Unfortunately, Isocoles decided to go with a very defensive style that never let the Germans really get any good chances at scoring, and the game ended in a boring, uninspiring 0-0 draw. The loss eliminated the GDR from contention for the knockout stages and punched United Isocoles' ticket.

  • GROUP FOUR: Novak v. Australia 2-0; Wilsons Promontory v. Denmark 0-1

Novak punched their ticket to the Knockout Round with a convincing 2-0 win over the Queendom of Australia. Novak struck early in each half, and after the second goal there really wasn't any doubt about how the game would end. Novak simply outplayed the Australians all game long, creating chances and passing the ball around exceptionally, a continuation from their last game against Denmark. The loss dropped Australia into a muddled mix in the rest of the field, where they will now need to work to get into the Knockout Round. In the later game, Denmark finally quit complaining and went out and played their best game all tournament, beating Wilsons Promontory 1-0. Denmark's offense scored their first goal of the tournament, and their defensive play, which had only allowed 3 goals in 4 games to that point, remained solid. With the win, Denmark is suddenly in the picture for advancing to the Knockout Round, albeit very faintly.

May 27, 2010[]

  • GROUP ONE: PRC v. York 1-1; Cochin v. Texas 0-1

Already having punched their ticket in, the Republic of York sent out a group that consisted mostly of bench players and reserves against a team of starters from the People's Republic of China. The home side sat back in a defensive shell most of the game, but one of the young reserves saw a chance for a breakaway and took it off a PRC turnover late in the first half. York's only chance of the game sizzled into the back of the net, giving them a 1-0 lead at the half. The People's Republic of China came out with an air of desperation in the second period, keeping the pressure up on the York side until in the 70th minute, they broke through on a beautiful header off a cross. The PRC continued to press, trying for a win, but a shot in the 89th minute clanged off the crossbar and a header in stoppage time just missed the net. The game ended in a 1-1 tie, leaving the PRC to wait to find out if they would head to the Knockout Round or not.

Despite not playing for anything, the Texans came out with an attitude that said they had something to prove to the world. The Kingdom of Cochin came out with an air of desperation. It was this desperation that became their undoing. After almost scoring off a breakaway in the opening minute, Cochin's defense made a grave error, allowing a Texas attacker to slip behind them on a breakaway going the other way. In as close to a "coast to coast" play as you'll find in football, the Texas striker blasted the ball past the Cochin keeper on a breakaway of his own, notching a 1-0 lead for Texas just two minutes in. After that, the Texans were content to play spoiler. Numerous times, the Cochin offense tried to penetrate the Texans' defense, and each time they were rebuffed. Cochin's players ended up settling for long range shots that had little chance of going in, as Texas gleefully cleared the ball any time the Kingdom got close. It was a disappointing end to the road for Cochin, as they lost 1-0 and Texas got their first win of the tournament.

  • GROUP TWO: Transvaal v. Athenian Federation 1-1; Slavic Federation v. France 0-0

Transvaal also fielded a squad of bench players and reserves against the Athenian Federation. Early in the game, the Athenians were taking care of business, actually pushing the Transvaal backups around the field. A quick goal in the 10th minute put the Athenians up 1-0, and close calls marked the rest of the first half. Two shots clanged off the post and another was just a whisker high of the crossbar. There must have been a hell of a halftime speech in the Transvaal locker room during the break, however, because the reserves came out playing like starters from the moment the whistle blew. Rough play marked the second half, including a shoving match that broke out late. The Athenians began to retaliate against the rough play of the Springboks, which led to a penalty shot in the 74th minute. A well placed ball in the upper right 90 tied the game up, and the Athenians saw their hopes of advancing dashed. The game ended 1-1, leaving the second team to advance from Group 2 to be decided in the second game.

Both the Empire of France and the Slavic Federation knew as they took the field that if they won they would advance on to the Knockout Round. The crowd was undeniably behind France, the real Cinderella story of this tournament so far. From the beginning, France's strategy was obvious: Don't. Let. The. Slavs. Score. The French side knew that if they got a draw, they would advance. Throughout the entire first half, the ball never left the French side of the field, but the Slavs also didn't get any chances on net. While the game may have appeared boring to some, it was like a huge chess match, the Slavs probing the French defense only to be turned back repeatedly before they would try a new strategy. Coming out in the second half, the Slavs used two of their substitutes on strikers, looking to add more attacking power against the French lines. Still, the French refused to budge. The Slavs' best chance during the game came in the 82nd minute off a freekick. The shot curled wonderfully and was sent on net by a superb header, but the French keeper lunged and brushed the ball away with his fingertips. The Slavs would never get another decent chance on net, and the French would walk off the field celebrating their advancement out of the Group of Death into the Knockout Round via their 0-0 tie.

  • GROUP THREE: GDR v. Louisiana 0-0; Carthage v. Isocoles 0-2

The stands were very empty in Syracuse as the fans knew that both games had no meaning and zero effect on the Knockout Round teams. The fans that didn’t show up for the GDR-Louisiana game really didn’t miss anything. Both teams put out their younger reserves for some more international experience and the result was an exceptionally sloppy game that produced a number of chances but hardly any quality ones. The quality of the game was poor, and it was all the fans could do not to boo. Both teams left without really acknowledging the fans or scoring a goal, and the game ended in a 0-0 tie.

Even though everything was decided before the second game, it did not come without controversy. While Carthage trotted out their younger players to gain some international experience before the Knockout Rounds, United Isocoles went with their full starting lineup. This put Carthage at an obvious disadvantage throughout the first half, and Isocoles capitalized, scoring two goals in a span of five minutes to make it 2-0 before the break. Each goal was roundly booed by the fans in attendance in Syracuse. The manager of United Isocoles seemed to get the message because coming out in the second half, Isocoles played a very conservative style, allowing the younger Carthage players a few chances on net, though none went in. The more even play in the second seemed to pacify the crowd some, and both teams got cordial applause after Isocoles walked into the Knockout Round with a 2-0 win.

  • GROUP FOUR: Wilsons Promontory v. Novak 0-1; Australia v. Denmark 0-1

Wilsons Promontory came into the game knowing they needed a win and then help to advance into the Knockout Round. Novak seemed all to willing to provide that help, putting a team of back ups, reserves, and young players with little international experience onto the pitch. The Promontory players had tied Novak’s starters the last time they had played, so the team seemed confident of their victory as they came out onto the pitch. If only it were that easy. Novak’s reserves dominated play all day long, and while they missed a number of good goal-scoring opportunities due to not being as familiar with playing time. Novak finally connected after a corner kick in the 49th minute, putting Wilsons Promontory into desperation mode. However, the frantic pace didn’t suit the team from down under very well, as they continuously turned the ball over to Novak and never really got any momentum going. Novak walked away with a 1-0 victory, and Wilsons Promontory had been eliminated.

Just a few games ago, we never even would have imagined Denmark in this position, a chance to win and head to the Knockout Round. However, a win in the last Match Day plus numerous missed chances by both the Queendom and the Promontory to put them away, Denmark stuck around, even amid all their allegations of match fixing. Needless to say, both teams trotted out their starters for the game, looking to avenge a tie on Match Day 3. An entertaining and exciting first half followed, with both teams leaving everything on the pitch even though no goals were produced. In the second half the game started to take a more physical turn as desperation set in. A questionable offsides call ended an exceptional Australian scoring chance, and Denmark took advantage, working the ball around the Australia zone expertly before firing a high crossing pass that was put into the back of the net on a header with only six minutes to go in regulation. Australia never got a chance to respond as Demark shut them down for the remainder of the game and held on for a 1-0 victory and perhaps on the most remarkable and improbable comebacks to make the Knockout Round ever.

Preliminary Round Standings[]

CUP OF NATIONS I - May-June 2010
Republic of York 6 3 2 1 5 3 2 2 11
People's Republic of China 6 2 3 1 3 2 1 2 9
Kingdom of Cochin 6 1 3 2 2 3 -1 1 6
Commonwealth of Texas 6 1 2 3 1 3 -2 1 5
Transvaal 6 3 3 0 10 7 3 2 12
Empire of France 6 1 3 2 7 7 0 7 6
Slavic Federation 6 1 3 2 4 4 0 2 6
Athenian Federation 6 1 3 2 5 8 -3 1 6
United Isocoles 6 4 2 0 5 0 5 3 14
Carthage 6 3 1 2 7 4 3 4 10
German Democratic Republic 6 1 3 2 2 4 -2 1 6
Louisiana 6 0 2 4 1 6 -5 1 2
Novak 6 4 2 0 7 2 5 4 14
Denmark 6 2 1 3 2 3 -1 2 7
Queendom of Australia 6 1 3 2 5 5 0 0 6
Wilsons Promontory 6 1 2 3 1 4 -3 1 5



  • Carthage v. York 1-0

Heartbreak is the only word that can describe this game for fans of the home team. In a game that looked sure to be headed to a penalty shootout, players from the Republic of York stopped when they heard an inadvertent whistle from the stands, thinking that the stoppage time after the second half was over. However, the head official had not blown his whistle and the players from Carthage did not stop. This turned into a two on none breakaway from the African side and they easily put the ball past the York keeper for the game winner. Despite the protests of the home side, the goal stood and Carthage walked off the field celebrating as the York side and their fans merely starred on in disbelief.

The second game featured the largest upset of the entire tournament as Denmark, a team that needed two wins in their last two games along with some healthy doses of help from the two teams from Down Under, shocked Transvaal, winning 5-4 on penalty kicks. The Denmark side came out with unexpected quickness and tenacity, controlling the play and peppering the Transvaal keeper with shots. In the 23rd minute, one finally slipped past. After an exceptional diving stop produced a rebound, a quick shot by a Denmark striker ricocheted off a Transvaal defended and into the back of the net. After a moment of shocked silence, the Denmark side exploded in celebration. The Springboks started pushing after that goal, their hallmark physical style starting to punish the Danes, but their shots either missed the target or flew straight into the Denmark keeper's hands. In the 72nd minute, they finally caught a break off a bad turnover by the Danes in their own zone that saw a laser shot into the lower right corner of the net to tie things up at one all. The Springboks continued to push, knowing their biggest weakness would indeed be penalty kicks. However, after the game ended in a 1-1 tie, it went to PKs, and Transvaal's weakness showed on their final shot as the try completely missed the target and the Danes swarmed the field, knowing they had beaten the favorites for the tournament.

  • PRC v. Isocoles 0-0 (4-5 PK)

In the game between the People's Republic of China and United Isocoles, everyone expected a defensive battle as the two teams had only combined for eight goals in twelve games, and a defensive struggle is exactly what they got. Both teams almost seemed content to simply sit in their own zones and not let the other team close to the net and let penalty kicks decide everything. And it seemed like extra penalty kicks would be needed until the Isocoles keeper guessed correctly and timed his jump perfectly on the fifth PRC shooter, tapping the ball just wide of the post. The next Isocoles shooter buried the ball in the back of the net to send them to the semifinals.

  • France v. Novak 1-3

The major Cinderella story of the tournament came to an undignified end in the quarterfinals. Novak completely outclassed the French side for the entire game, scoring twice within the first ten minutes and then adding another at the 30th minute, heading into the break up 3-0. France got a late goal in the second half to put themselves on the scoreboard, but they were never really a threat to take more off Novak's lead. The Arabians advance to the semis and with Transvaal's defeat, now look to be the favored side.

Consolation Quarter-Finals[]

  • Cochin v. GDR 0-2
  • Texas v. Louisiana 2-2 (3-0 PK)
  • Slavic Federation v. Australia 1-0
  • Athenian Federation v. Wilsons Promontory 1-0

The German Democratic Republic blasted the Kingdom of Cochin early with two straight goals in under three minutes as it was obvious from the beginning who was taking the chance to get more international experience seriously. Cochin's defense tightened up after that, but it was too late as their offense never got going. In a battle of border buddies, Texas and Louisiana tied in regulation 2-2 after a 88th minute goal from Texas. The Lone Stars carried that momentum into the penalty stage, where they shut out Louisiana and scored three of their own, wining 2-2 (3-0p). Both teams from down under fell to their European opponents as the Slavic Federation took care of business against Australia, scoring in stoppage time before the end of the first half and then pitching a scoreless second half for the 1-0 win, and the Athenian Federation used a 5th minute goal to down Wilsons Promontory 1-0 as well.

Consolation Semi-Finals[]

  • Cochin v. Wilsons Promontory 0-0 (4-2 PK)

In the games to decide who would play in what place games, The Kingdom of Cochin beat Wilsons Promontory 4-2 on penalty kicks after the game ended 0-0 in regulation. The game was mostly highlighted by the ineptitude of Wilsons and missed chance after missed chance by Cochin. At least a half dozen times a shot from a Cochin player would just barely miss the net or ricochet off the post. Another half dozen times it was saved by the Wilsons keeper. Wilsons Promontory, meanwhile, could barely even get a chance on net during regulation, and that struggle carried over into the penalty kicks as they missed the target completely twice, allowing Cochin to win.

  • Louisiana v. Australia 1-1 (4-2 PK)

In the second game involving a team from Down Under, the Queendom of Australia and Louisiana played to a 1-1 tie in regulation, and then Louisiana saw more of their shots hit the back of the net during penalty kicks, winning 4-2 there. Regulation was marked by a very even struggle between the Bayou Boys and Australia, with neither team scoring in the first half and Louisiana striking first in the second. It only took Australia six minutes to tie the game back up and neither team could score the rest of the way, setting up the penalty kicks. The penalty kicks were highlighted by the stellar play of Louisiana's keeper, who blocked away two extremely difficult shots.

  • GDR v. Athenian Federation 2-0

In a battle between European powers who had each expected to do better, the German Democratic Republic beat the Athenian Federation 2-0. After an early Athenian flurry of three shots in the first ten minutes, the Germans dominated the other eighty minutes of play, barely allowing the ball out of the Athenian end of the field. Goals just before and just after the halftime whistle punctuated the GDR's day, sending them off with another win in the loser's bracket.

  • Texas v. Slavic Federation 0-0 (3-2 PK)

Texas and the Slavic Federation met on the pitch after them, and yet another game ended regulation with a 0-0 tie. This was another evenly matched game, neither team really dominating and both getting their fair number of chances on net. Those chances just never seemed to be going in. During the penalty kicks, neither team was very efficient as both teams missed the target multiple times, but Texas ended up on top, winning 3-2.

  • York v. France 2-0

The home side played in the second to last game, as the Republic of York played against the darlings of the tournament, the Empire of France. Still obviously ticked from their last minute loss to Carthage in the quarterfinals, the York side came out with a fire that was unmatched by the French side. Two goals in the first twenty minutes put the French into a hole that they never recovered from. Not looking to completely blow the French out, York pulled back into a defensive shell for most of the rest of the match and coasted to a 2-0 win.

  • PRC v. Transvaal 1-0

In the final game, the People's Republic of China beat a team of reserves from Transvaal 1-0. The Springboks never seemed to really get motivated, but their defense still made it exceptionally difficult for the PRC to get through. In the 52nd minute, the Chinese finally pushed through for a goal, the only marker of the game.

Consolation Round - Placement 3rd to 16th[]

  • Isocoles v. Novak 0-2

In the consolation game, United Isocoles once again looked completely outclassed on the pitch for the second game in a row, and Novak's performance was no less dominating than Carthage's was just a few days earlier. The Arabs blasted two goals into the back of the net in a span of eight minutes, one coming in the 31st minute and the other in the 39th. They coasted the rest of the way to victory.

  • York v. PRC 1-0

In the game between the Republic of York and the People's Republic of China, the home side prevailed much to the delight of the home faithful. A breakaway in the 64th minute provided the game's only marker, and York held off a late Chinese flurry of shots to hang on to their 1-0 victory.

  • France v. Transvaal 0-2

The Empire of France and Transvaal met in a wholely unexpected game: France was supposed to be much farther down in placing and Transvaal was expected to be playing for the title. The reserves for the Springboks seemed to not settle for anything during the game, blasting the French side with shots and rough play all game, muscling their way to a 2-0 victory. Both goals came after turnovers forced by the Springbok's physical style of play in the French zone.

  • GDR v. Texas 0-0 (0-3 PK)

In another surprising placement, Texas faced the German Democratic Republic. And in something that was also kind of a shocker, Texas beat the Germans 3-0 on penalty kicks. Both teams were never really able to get the ball close during regulation, but the Lone Stars had no problem finding the back of the net during penalty kicks.

  • Athenian Federation v. Slavic Federation 1-0

In a matchup of the Federations, the Athenian Federation beat the Slavic Federation 1-0. The game's single goal came off an extended period of possession by the Athenians in the Slavs' zone and an excellent cross that was headed into the goal.

  • Cochin v. Louisiana 2-1

In the battle for 13th place, the Kingdom of Cochin beat Louisiana 2-1. The Bayou Boys actually put four balls into the back of the net, but three were called back due to offsides calls. Louisiana just couldn't catch a break through the rest of match, and Cochin went on to win 2-1.

  • Wilsons Promontory v. Australia 1-0

In the Worst of the Worst game, one which ironically featured both teams from Down Under, Wilsons Promontory beat the Queendom of Australia 1-0. The game's lone marker was placed in the 22nd minute off a bad turnover right in front of the net by Australia, which the Wilsons players capitalized on and held on to win.


  • Isocoles v. Carthage 0-2

Heading into this game, Carthage was a 3-1 underdog from the oddsmakers, but it didn't show on the field. The Africans took the game directly to the boys from United Isocoles, winning 2-0 in a simply dominating performance. From the opening whistle, United Isocoles looked completely outclassed as it seemed Carthage wanted to avoid a repeat of the last game. A goal in the 9th minute set the tone, and Carthage added the insurance marker in the 37th minute. Using their substitutions for defenders at the start of the second half, Carthage focused on keeping Isocoles away from the net and did an exceptional job of it. Carthage celebrated their way into the finals, with their opponent to be determined in the next game.

  • Novak v. Denmark 0-1

To call Novak a favorite over Denmark would have been an understatement. Despite their penalty kick win over the giants in Transvaal, Denmark still came into the game at 4-1 underdogs. But once again, the Danes overcame their shortfalls to beat a superior team, this time doing it in regulation with a 1-0 win over the new favorites to win the tournament. A goal off a breakaway in the 53rd minute sent the Danish fans into a frenzy and stunned the Arabs. Though Novak put up a spirited attack through the rest of the match, they were unable to ever get any quality chances on net and found themselves relegated to the 3rd place game against Isocoles instead of the Championship Game against Carthage.

  • Novak finished in 3rd place
  • United Isocoles finished in 4th place
  • Republic of York finished in 5th place
  • People’s Republic of China finished in 6th place
  • Transvaal finished in 7th place
  • Empire of France finished in 8th place
  • Commonwealth of Texas finished in 9th place
  • German Democratic Republic finished in 10th place
  • Athenian Federation finished in 11th place
  • Slavic Federation finished in 12th place
  • Kingdom of Cochin finished in 13th place
  • Louisiana finished in 14th place
  • Wilsons Promontory finished in 15th place
  • Queendom of Australia finished in 16th place


  • Denmark v. Carthage 0-0 (3-0 PK)

The final was everything it was expected to be minus being two different teams than anyone expected. With Transvaal and Novak eliminated, and Denmark and Carthage taking their places, the game was still a fast paced, physical affair that was back and forth throughout. Superb goal tending highlighted the entire match, as both keepers made spectacular saves in regulation to keep the match at 0-0. When the final horn sounded and both teams were still tied, everyone stood, knowing that penalty kicks would decide this final. After both teams missed their first shots, Carthage missed again while the Denmark shot was kept out. However, while Carthage had an innate inability to find the back of the net, Denmark scored on their next three shots, winning the game and the very first Cup of Nations.

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