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Tetris has a very diverse, active community of 8-10 people who contribute a great deal to their forums and IRC channel In the public IRC channel, people from other alliances also get involved in making Tetris a great alliance.

Running Jokes Within Tetris[]

  • Mack being obsessed with sex references
  • Rhaemyr being a stalker
  • Blade being a 12 year old
  • Logan being a drug addict
  • Granat having sexual relations with animals, especially Goats
  • Pollard being an emo
  • Blade being Asian
  • Mack's questionable ethnicity
  • GDA being scary shit
  • Blade's Laziness
  • Pollard sucking at L4D2
  • Blade and his rice
  • Members of Tetris downloading skype and plotting to coup Pollard.
  • Nuking Pollard
  • Tetris "Surviving Pollard"
  • trolling tito at every opportunity
  • Fireattacker making wooden swords to kill his ex girlfriend.
  • Everyone missing Rhae.
  • Kean
  • Everything Sam Morgan says.
  • Everything being Kean's fault
  • Pollard's awful gaming ability

Running Jokes within #Tetris (Public IRC Channel)[]

  • Ali5541 being a terrorist
  • Outsiders being told to get outside
  • The UK being an awful place to live
  • BlueBirdMatt vs Pollard - The Battle of the Matts
  • Pollard being ZI'd
  • Mack threatening to ZI
  • Rolling everyone, particularly Tetris, Pollard and tito.

Former Running Jokes within Tetris[]

  • Vanilla Ice being the best head of Finances that ever lived
  • Weezy