Cu Lang Radar Array Station
Vietnam PNNV
City Flag Flag Of The PNA
Republic of Vietnam
Cu Lang
Area 300km²
Population 1500 Military Personal

The Cu Lang Radar Array Station Is a Radar array 250 Miles South-west of Da Nang. During Mid-July, The Vietnamese Army Launched an Attack upon the Station, In hope of capturing it for themselves.

Mid-July Attack Edit

During the 15 of July, Remainders from the Vietnamese Border Guard, As well as Several other Companies Launched an Offensive against the Array Station. The 1st Mechanised Unit Attacked the Southern Defences along the Cu Lang Avenue, Meanwhile, the 304th Mechanised Infantry Attacked Defences along the North and West Boundaries of the Array. At 1254 Hrs, Vietnamese Aircraft Attacked PNA Tanks inside the Compound Destroying many of them, AA Units Shot down Bombers before they could destroy the Array and Cripple the PNA communications. At 1304 Hrs, The Request came for Reinforcements From the Array, However the Reinforcement wouldn't arrive for 2 Hours. As the Vietnamese Advanced, The weather had begun to Clear up Allowing The PNA to Begin An Artillery Barrage Against the advancing Troops, Killing Hundreds.

Reinforcements and Counter-attack Edit

2Hrs after the First attacks, PNA Paratroopers from the 58th Airborne Infantry Deployed on the outskirts of the Array Station. Along with Air dropped Armoured Units, the 58th Began its attacks along the Southern Boundaries. Along with the help of PNAF They began to Push The 304th Back across the Border.

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