The launch of a Tactical Tomahawk missile.

Cruise missiles are used to destroy defending tanks, infrastructure and technology.

Cruise missiles have a base cost of $20,000 and require at least 15 levels of technology to purchase. Each missile usually destroys 10 tanks, five levels of infrastructure and one level of technology depending on the attacker's technology level. The cost to maintain each missile is $200. Purchasing satellite improvements increases cruise missile effectiveness by 10% each, while the Missile Defense improvement decreases the effectiveness of missiles used on a nation by 10%. This means that, with a maximum of five satellites, it is possible to do damage of up to 15 tanks and 15 levels of infrastructure.

You can launch two missiles per day per battle. Cruise missile attacks do not count against standard battles.

Each factory purchased reduces the cost of purchasing cruise missiles by -5%. Lead also reduces the cost of both purchase and upkeep by -20%.

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