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Crown Princess Kateryn-Elise
Crown Princess of Ossetia
Full Name Kateryn-Elise Channe Nohansen Lonarai Ambrai
Father Ambrai XIII
Mother Princess Helene
Royal Title HH Crown Princess Kateryn-Elise of Ossetia
Born YD 812
Political Affiliation Royalist

The second grandchild of Prince Ambrai XII and Princess Danladi, born two years after Hasani, son of Princess Elia and the Duke of Azouzopolis, Prince Hasoun Adezucius. The princess will be the first female ruler to be crowned in the history of Ossetia, and will be known as Ambrai XIV. There were some fears at her birth that her heart was frail, but she was soon after declared a "very robust and healthy baby girl" by doctors.

Traditionally the Crown Prince middle-name is named directly after his father, and so there was some speculation at her birth as to how the issue would be dealt with, whether she would receive a feminine version of her father's name, or if she would take her mother's name. After her name was announced, there was further speculation still that the old tradition would be dropped, but this has been denied by a spokeman for the royal family. According to the spokesman, the tradition will continue if the first-born is male, but if female, the parents will be free to decide her middle name. Such is the situation with the Crown Princess.