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Merger occurred on/around November 11, 2008
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Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Shakes
Founded 22nd December 2007


(Minister of Foreign Affairs)

(Minister of Internal Affairs)

(Minister of Economic Affairs)

(Minister of Defense)

(Minister of Recruiting)

AllianceStats Statistics as of 06/01/2008

Total Nations 71
Strength 389,287
Avg. Strength 5,483
Nukes 0
Score 2.05
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Crossfire is a black sphere alliance. The alliance originates from Crossfire.

Crossfire Edit

The startEdit

Crossfire was founded by Shakes on 22/12/2007. It was started with this post. Soon several members joined. Within a week the alliance approached the 50 member mark. Our forums are located here. We can also be found in #Crossfire on Coldfront.


Each member must abide the following rules:

Article I - Admission
Members are to be accepted by the Minister of Internal Affairs.
New members need to be a member of the Black team.
Members can't leave without first paying their debt (if any) back.
Members are considered rogues if they leave Crossfire without making a thread on the forum announcing their departure.

Article II - Structure
The alliance is led by a beerdrinker.
Five ministers are chosen by the member states.
Ministerial positions are: Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Economics, Defense and Recruiting.
The beerdrinker can make decisions on his own but can be overruled by a majority of the ministers.
The beerdrinker can veto every decision.
Ministers can appoint state secretaries as they wish.
Initially elections will be held. Then the system will be a meritocracy. Ministers will be appointed by the other ministers (majority) based on merit.
The beerdrinker can demote ministers to normal members.

Article III - Additions
Each minister can make additional rules regarding his own department. This can apply for rules regarding techraids for instance.

Article IV - Charter
This charter is an on-going process. New additions to the charter will be based on suggestions and have to be approved by the beerdrinker or the majority of the ministers.

Current government Edit

Beerdrinker: Shakes
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Vindicator
Minister of Internal Affairs: Ryman the Great
Minister of Defense: Pimpinnerd
Minister of Economics: Elgradron
Minister of Recruiting: Xr Goes Cyn

Growth Edit

Crossfire grew quickly to 50 members within the first month. The second month was aimed to organize Crossfire internally and to fuel our growth. After exactly two months the strength of Crossfire reached 250K. After that there was some stagnation as Crossfire was working on the internal structure. Activity was increasing while the inactive members were removed.

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