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Cripple[edit | edit source]

Lord of Neriadland[edit | edit source]

Cripple. The mysterious one. Everywhere and nowhere. Where he came from is uncertain, but come he did, and is at the very heart of Cybernations, deep within, though seemingly on the edge. Neriadland is not the most powerful nation, nor is the OIN (Organisation of Imperial Nations) the strongest, or at least at first sight, the most politically active of alliances. But there is something special about both.

Cripple has had many offices within the OIN, but most recent was Chancellor of the alliance, and most commonly in the past he has been in charge of foreign relations. He has a number of medals - the Medal of diplomacy 1st and 2nd class and the medal of Bravery 1st and 4th class. These were for giving so much to the OIN and for bravery in the face of terrifying odds, as well as for helping the OIN to regenerate itself when it seemed all was lost during his stint as chancellor, along with the US of Europe, another ex-chancellor of the OIN.

Cripple and Dark Wizard were jointly responsible for LUMA, the League of United Minor Alliances, now fallen into dust, the first successful 'alliance of alliances' created.

Join the OIN! For glory, for valour and honour, but also because <-- that's just cool.

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