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Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus - We are slaves of the law so that we may be able to be free.
Commissioned by Don Steve and Don Marxus.
Written and Created by Serberus – Minister of Internal Affairs.

Creed Enactment One:[]

The word of the current ruling Don is to be followed to the paramount without question or hesitation unless with that there is reasonable concern for the alliance, for the Mafia. The actions of the current running Don are not to be questioned. Any disobedience to Creed Enactment One will been viewed in the most negative of lights, consequently being viewed as High Treason to the family and to the Don and any such act or behaviour could result in severe punishment, trial without a jury, and possible banishment from the Mafia. Creed Enactment One (i): As the Don’s word is law, the Creed can be viewed as the written version of the Don’s law and the rules of the Mafia, thus as this is the case and as the laws of the Mafia may change thus the written version of the Don’s law, the Creed, is subject to any amendments that are relevant to the current situation and current Don without need for suitable explanation or reason. The Mafia is not a democracy; it is run by a leadership and an ultimate ruler, the Don. (ii) As the Creed can be viewed as the law of the Don, every member must comply completely to the doctrine of the Creed at all times otherwise face punishment.

Creed Enactment Two:[]

All members of the Mafia will be perceived as innocent until found/proved guilty. Any crime that is committed or alleged to have taken place must warrant an investigation and trial, whether this be attended or not. All members are asked to tell the truth at all times, any lying or misinformation could be used against them in the future. All members have the right to appoint an advisor, unless stated otherwise in the Creed for certain punishable crimes. Advisors will not be viewed negatively or detrimentally for aiding another member, whether the offender is found guilty or proved innocent.

Creed Enactment Three: Concerning treason.[]

Treason to the Mafia can be defined as any negative behaviour or communication/message/conversation whether private or public that can be perceived as being a slur or blatant attack upon the alliance. High Treason refers to any negative behaviour or communication/message/conversation whether private or public that can be perceived as being a slur or blatant attack upon the Don or the leadership of the alliance. The act of treason will result immediate suspension from the alliance forums and trial without personal attendance. The trial and the punishment of the offender are always to be conducted by the highest-ranking members of the alliance. The act of High Treason will result in immediate suspension from the alliance forum, instant declarations of war from alliance members to fill all war slots, without military action, and trial without personal attendance or defence. Again the trial and the punishment of the offender will be conducted by the Don and/or the highest-ranking members of alliance.

Creed Enactment Four: Spying.[]

Spying can be defined as any deliberate act of gathering/gaining information, of any kind, for any other CN member or alliance, which could have a detrimental effect upon the Family. In addition, spying can also be defined as working undercover within the Mafia for another alliance. Any member found or suspected of spying against our alliance for another alliance will be immediately banned from the forum and could face trial without personal attendance nor council. Spying will be seen as High Treason against the Don and the Mafia and will be dealt with accordingly. Regardless of other punishments handed down by the Don, the spying nation will be ZI’d by our alliance regardless of any other alliance support. The spying alliance will not intervene due to the fact that the spy swore an oath to the Mafia and thus has broken it by spying against the alliance.

Creed Enactment Five: Concerning tech-raiding.[]

Tech-raiding is utterly banned by decree of the Don and the leadership as is a punishable offence. Tech-raiding can be any intentional act of warfare with the sole purpose of gaining technology or financial profit, whether hidden or overt. There is to be a two-strike policy with regards to those who are found to be tech-raiding. Any member found to be tech-raiding after there first strike is to be immediately punished by the Don and the high ranking members of the Mafia. Tech-raiding is banned due to the negative consequences that can arise from attacking other nations.

Creed Enactment Six: Tech-farming/trading.[]

Tech-farming/trading is the selling or buying of technology in order to gain a profit in order to expand or increase technology stockpiles for expansion. Tech-farming is a purely internal system and not to be used in order to aid outside CN members or alliances unless the member specifically gained the permission of M.F.A or M.O.I.A. If any member is found aiding and/or abetting other alliances through tech-farming/trading without permission of M.F.A or M.O.I.A or the Don, they will face trial for crimes against the alliance in that such actions can increase the power and standing of other, possibly rival alliances.

Creed Enactment Seven: Concerning unauthorised wars and battles.[]

No war or battle can take place without authorisation from the M.O.D. or the Don, unless such battle is self-defence, in that the Mafia nation in question is attacked by another nation. In light of this, any nation that is attacked and must defend itself must report this immediately to the M.O.D. for further assistance and advice. Any battle, whether defensive or offensive, that takes place without consent of the M.O.D. or the Don will be viewed as unauthorised and subject to punishment for breaking the rules of the Creed. Creed Enactment Seven (i): Unauthorised wars or battles can be viewed as tech-raiding and if found to be so will result in the relevant punishment (Ref Creed Enactment Five). Creed Enactment Seven (ii): Unauthorised wars or battles could also be seen as blatant attack or detrimental behaviour towards the Mafia and be viewed as disrespect to the M.O.D. and the Don and therefore could be viewed as treason, as such behaviours could lead to an alliance war. Offence and subsequent punishment could be that of treason (Ref Creed Enactment Three). Creed Enactment Seven (iii): If found to be neither (i) or (ii), punishment will be dealt with and decided individually by M.O.D. and/or the Don.

Creed Enactment Eight: Aiding and/or abetting a criminal.[]

It is illegal to aid and/or abet a criminal whether this be deliberate or accidental, known or unknown. All incidents of such acts will be investigated individually to assess the extent of the members knowledge of the criminal acts they may have witnessed or taken part in, whether aware of the fact or not, in order to find out whether the member is guilty or merely an innocent bystander helping another member without knowledge of any criminal act. Ignorance is to be viewed as not an excuse for aiding and abetting a criminal. Members are to always be vigilant and never act without due consultant with the relevant ministry or official. In addition, it is the duty of all members to constantly aware of the actions of others and if the event arises wherein a member’s activity is suspicious it should be reported immediately to the MOIA or any relevant leadership official. Failure report any suspicious activity could result in being viewed as aiding and/or abetting a criminal. Punishment for aiding and/or abetting a criminal can result in trial and punishment, decided by the Don and relevant leadership officials. Any member that aids a criminal in a criminal act will be accountable as if they were the criminal and punished accordingly.

Creed Enactment Nine: Financial fraud against the Mafia.[]

Financial Fraud against the Mafia, henceforth to be referred to as FFM, can be defined as stealing funds from the Mafia by gaining financial support under false pretences and thus causing a detrimental effect upon the alliance. Therefore, the offender of theft from the alliance may be subject to trail with an advisor however theft dependant on the enormity of such actions may be perceived in a more serious by the leadership and thus be subjected to the definition of treason to the alliance (Ref Creed Enactment Three). The former use of the word “prosecutors” refers to those members of the leadership acting as the prosecution for the above mentioned crimes against the alliance.

Creed Enactment Ten: Membership purely for financial aid.[]

Such a crime relates to nations signing up to the alliance purely in name of gaining new member aid without real care or wish to be in the alliance. Such a crime is detrimental to the infrastructure of the alliance thus resulting in less aid for those members who wish to be a part of our great and glorious alliance. In addition to this, such a crime reduces the alliance’s growth and thus reduces our power within the CN world and so should be dealt with and punishable to that of financial fraud (Ref Creed Enactment Nine).

Creed Enactment Eleven: Misinformation.[]

Misinformation is the overt or deliberate giving of wrong information for financial gain, espionage or improved standing within the alliance unless with the sole purpose of improving the alliance. The giving of misinformation can be highly detrimental to the alliance and thus must be punishable offence, the outcome of which to be decided by trial with personal attendance. Such a trial viewed objectively and individually by the Don and the chosen members of the court. The punishment will be dependant upon the decided severity of the crime and again will be decided individually. If it is found that the giving of misinformation was purely for the sole intent of espionage, the offence may be viewed in the same light as spying and so subject to the punishment of spying (Creed Enactment Four).

Creed Enactment Twelve: Misinformation – False Accusations.[]

The giving of false accusations against any member of the alliance is a punishable offence. The giving of a false accusation can be perceived as misinformation (Creed Enactment Eleven), however, such an offence is considerably different and more serious due to the fact that accusing a member falsely of a crime that they did not commit could lead to a loyal member been banished from the alliance and a traitor remaining. If a member is found to have falsely accused another member of a crime they did not commit that member is to be immediately suspended from the forums and trial without personal attendance.

Creed Enactment Thirteen: Concerning ghosts within the alliance.[]

With regards to the definition of ghosts, a ghost refers to those nations who may be using the name of the Mafia as a cover of protection without any affiliation with the alliance, thus resulting in reduced reputation and possible war against our alliance if these ghosts step out of line and use the alliance “affiliation” to protect their nation. In addition, a ghost can also refer to a nation that has sworn the Omerto and become a Mafia member but after the initial registration no longer affiliates with the alliance with cause or reason to become unaffiliated thus using the alliance name as protection. Such a crime and the search for ghosts falls under the jurisdiction of the MOIA and MOIA departmental officials. The MOIA has the right to question any member who is suspected to be a ghost or an inactive member. Any member found to be guilty of ghosting will be subject to banishment from the alliance and having any affiliation with the alliance of which they will be given a week’s grace in order to change their alliance affiliation or be subject to justified attack by the alliance in conjunction with MOD officials.

Creed Enactment Fourteen: Membership without purpose.[]

Membership without purpose refers to members who join without any intention of working with the alliance, very similar to the crime of ghosting (Creed Enactment). Membership without purpose refers to those members who may post sparingly to begin with and then never after their initial cooling period within the alliance thus using the AA as protection against outside attack. In addition, a member who is charged with the offence of membership without purpose must also ignore extreme inactivity warnings from the M.O.I.A and M.O.I.A officials. Those members who are occasionally inactive will not be charged with membership without purpose only those members who truly use the alliance in a ghosting fashion. Membership without purpose uses valuable resources of the alliance, especially financially thus such an offender could be liable for charges of Financial Fraud against the Mafia (Creed Enactment Nine) and possibly the crime of ghosting (Creed Enactment). Therefore, punishment of such crime will be decided by trial without personal attendance due to the fact that the member has refused to use the forums or communicate with any of the leadership or M.O.I.A or its officials. The trial and the punishment to be decided by the Don and the chosen members of the leadership. A member who is inactive for a significant time may also be accused of membership without purpose and thus be open to punishment according to Creed Enactment Fourteen also.

Creed Enactment Fifteen: Concerning Inactivity.[]

It is to be known that inactivity is not a crime. Members are allowed to be inactive within the forums or within the CN world. It is preferable that members make the leadership aware of this fact. Standard procedure for such cases, as holidays, lack of internet or other problems should be reported to the M.O.I.A or an M.O.I.A official in order to protect the absent members nation in conjunction with the M.O.D. Any private matter of absence which a member wishes to make the M.O.I.A aware can be sent via PM to the M.O.I.A who will treat the absence with confidentiality. However, notice of absence is not a requirement of membership and hence a member does not have to make the alliance aware of their absence, however, if the M.O.I.A or the leadership contacts the member via PM on the CN world or via the supplied email address for whatever reason, it is a requirement that the member contacts that individual as soon as the member receives such a communication. It is, however, the case that each member log on to the forums at least every week, especially if it is found that the member is logging onto CN in order to collect taxes or pay bills. If this is not followed punishment will be met out.

Creed Enactment Sixteen: Emergency Executive Powers Act (i).[]

The Emergency Powers Act (i) refers to a procedure through which a member of the leadership can take emergency powers in the unlikely event that the current ruling Don becomes incapacitated, disenchanted, or long absence. In such a situation, the leadership will have the power to give Emergency Powers to another member of the leadership to take control as leader of the alliance until such time that the new Don deems the founder and the previous Don fit to take the reigns of power back.

Creed Enactment Seventeen: Emergency Executive Powers Act (ii).[]

The Emergency Powers Act (ii) refers to a procedure through which the Commission can vote to take emergency powers in the unlikely event that the current ruling Don becomes incapacitated, along with the absence of the founder, Emperor Marxus and the entire leadership, whether this be incapacitation or long absence. In such a situation, the Commission will have the right and the duty to vote Emergency Powers to another member of the Commission to take over as temporary leader until such a time that either the Don, the Founder or a member/s of the leadership return to take back the reigns of power. In the case of the leadership returning without the return of the Don, the leadership will follow the procedures of Creed Enactment Sixteen: Emergency Executive Powers Act (i).

Creed Enactment Eighteen: Emergency Executive Powers Act (iii)[]

The Emergency Powers Act (iii) refers to the procedures through which the Polizia di Stato can take emergency powers in the highly unlikely event that the current ruling Don/leadership or sole minister/s is/are incapable of running the alliance in domestic and/or hostile situations that face the alliance. In such a situation, the Polizia di Stato will have the duty of controlling the alliance temporarily until the leadership is able to control the alliance once again. Control MUST be given back once the leadership is deemed fit to work for the alliance's interest again. This enactment cannot be used continually as a form of control. In the event of a minister/s being labelled as incapable, this must go through the Don first before action can be taken.

Creed Enactment Nineteen: Respect for Members.[]

It is a requirement that all members show respect for one another, as a community cannot survive if members do not respect themselves. However, respect is also earned rather than given too freely. All leadership members must be treated with the utmost respect, as these members have been given the great and glorious duty of working for the alliance. The Don must be shown absolute respect. Any displays of a lack of respect will be viewed in a very negative light.

Creed Enactment Twenty: Mafia Officials.[]

All Mafia officials, such as M.O.I.A “officials”, recruitment officers and military lieutenants etc, are to be treated in the same manner as those members of the leadership. Such officials have been given responsibility and employment within the Mafia. Each official has been given specific powers and authority which must be respected.

The Creed Enactment Twenty-One: Aid Agreement.[]

Concerning Aid. Any member who accepts aid, whether this be finanical, technology or military, from the alliance or any member of the alliance that member should therefore be willing to give military service in return for this. Military service may never be asked but if it is it must be accepted. Any member who refuses to give military service when called upon will be subject to punishment by way of fines (totalling all aid given plus additional fines) and possibly criminal punishment.

Creed Enactment Twenty-two: Concerning Approved Raids.[]

Relating to the fact that in certain situations raids may be approved by the MOD and other leadership officials in light of nation growth and target’s inactivity. Hence, members may seek to gain approval for raids over unaligned nations and those that have been inactive for 7 days. Raids must only consist of two ground attacks before peace is declared. Any deviation from these rules will be dealt with quickly and severely. Any raids that are not approved of will be subject to the punishment of Creed Enactment Seven. Any member who deviates from attacking any nation other than an unaligned and inactive nation will be forced to pay damages more or equal to that that has been stolen and caused to the target nation, also incurring a fine by the family. If these procedures are not followed punishment could entail banishment and ZI.

Creed Enactment Twenty-three: Regarding the Hitmen.[]

Hitmen refer to special members of the Mafia who are to be used in a mercenary fashion for other nations and/or alliances. Members of the Mafia who wish to become hitmen must first of all recruit 3 new members before taking the title of "hitman" and must recruit 1 new member before each "hit". Hitmen will be organised and directed to their targets by the leadership. Hitmen will not deviate from their targets or orders without permission. Hitmen will receive ALL the tech and loot gained from each atack as form of payment for their military service. Any deviation from the above will result in punishment pending investigation and trial.