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Cracka Land

Motto: Farkistan shall rise again!

Team Color Aqua
Ruler Sir Loin of Beef
IRC/Forum Nickname Kahiel
Nation Created 2/13/2007 4:31:08 PM
Allaince Farkistan
Stats AllianceStats Stats AllianceRank Rankings
Curent Position TotalFark Council
Military Rank Captain (Ret)
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Civil Service Award
  • Bronze Star
  • Commendation
  • Unit Citation
  • Unit Commendation
  • Nuked for Farkistan x10
  • Four Year Service
  • Sanction Day
Fark's Official Beer


The Great Greenlight[]

Responding to the clarion of the Great Green Light, crackas from all over Bob gathered together and founded the nation of Cracka Land on February 13, 2007. The leader of Cracka Land is brother, cousin Sir Loin of Beef. He is also known as Kahiel on various forums.

Military career[]

Sir Loin of Beef (Kahiel) joined the Farkistani military soon after joining Farkistan. Cracka Land saw a great deal of combat during the Holy War of Farkistan, at one point getting down to seven infrastructure points. Sadly, Cracka Land was never brought to Zero Infrastructure in service to Farkistan.

Sir Loin of Beef (Kahiel) served as Executive Officer under Stoneballsjackson and Ackbarican Idol before being promoted to Captain.

On January 16, 2010 Kahiel retired as Captain of the FSS Romero, leaving the ship in the very capable hands of ironone.

Political career[]

Sir Loin of Beef served his first term on the Total Fark Council in September 2009. Sir Loin of Beef was defeated in the February council elections. After enjoying his retirement from political life by enjoying the warm glow from burning IRON nations,Sir Loin of Beef was once again erected to TotalFark Council in the April erections. Sir Loin of Beef took a sabbatical from service on Council through October and September 2011 returning once again in November.

Speaker of the TotalFark Council[]

Sir Loin of Beef was the top vote getter in the August 2010 council erections, which granted him the title "Speaker of the Council." Randomly Jim succeeded Sir Loin of Beef in September when Jim received one more vote in the council erections. Sir Loin of Beef was once again erected to Speaker of the Council during the October Council erections. He has been succeeded by 905 in December.

Battle History[]

Holy War of Farkistan
Great War II
Great War III
100 Seconds War
The Unjust War
Illuminati War
War of the Coalition
Karma War
Short Bus War
UnHoly War