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Founder of DuchyofGrandFenwick[]

Count Rupert founded the nation of DuchyofGrandFenwick on 2/27/2007 at 5:59:58 PM. DuchyofGrandFenwick is well over 1000 days old, and has had a Nation Strength well over 100,000 NS for a long time now, as of 11/26/2009 DuchyofGrandFenwick's Nation Strength was 143,399.939. DuchyofGrandFenwick's two main resources are Coal and Rubber. DuchyofGrandFenwick's capital is Lucia.

TAB Member[]

Sometime after Count Rupert Founded DuchyofGrandFenwick, Count Rupert founded the Aquatic Brotherhood. There he would prove to be a reliable and professional member, rising to the rank of Triumvir.

TAB Triumvir[]

During Count Rupert's tenure at TAB, he was elected as a Triumvir of the alliance.

Mostly Harmless Alliance Member[]

After Count Rupert's time at TAB he Joined the Mostly Harmless Alliance. His in game alliance seniority says he joined MHA on 2/10/2008 at 4:31:43 PM. Count Rupert would prove to be as useful a member in MHA as he was TAB. In MHA he would go on to be part of and advise the upper government for years.

Minister of Hitchhikers[]

Count Rupert was one of the first few Ministers of Hitchhikers (Members), of the Mostly Harmless Alliance. As Minister he helped to create and maintain many of the project and programs that still exist to this day.

Triumvir of MHA[]

Count Rupert was elected as Triumvir of the Mostly Harmless Alliance, seeing MHA expand, growth, and go through so much. He also helped in many accomplishments of the alliance, and he also worked extremely hard to see the alliance be successful.

Government Advisor[]

Upon finishing his tenure as Triumvir, Count Rupert decided to take on the role of Government Advisor. Since then he has helped run and advise many of the activities and governments throughout MHA history.

Alliance Mailer[]

During Count Rupert's time as a Government Advisor, he has also taken on numerous side positions. One of his most recent being that of assistant alliance mailer.

Aqua Team Senator[]

Count Rupert has been the Mostly Harmless Alliance's Aqua Team Senator Candidate for many months now. He has obtained the most votes, well over 1,000, in countless numbers of past elections, especially more recent ones.

Triumvirate Award[]

Count Rupert is a recipient of the Triumvirate Award, the highest honor in all of the Mostly Harmless Alliance. He was awarded the award on January 4, 2010, the anniversary of Denzin’s passing. He was awarded the award at the same time as WCR, thus making a dispute as to whether he is the 3rd or 4th recipient of the award.

So Much More[]

There is a lot that isn't included in this wiki page about Count Rupert. From the fact of how generous, he is with real life and in game funds, to how he always offers advice to members and our government. And so much more.