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Ministerrat von Preußen, Council of Ministers of Prussia
Minister of Executive and Foreign AffairsAlfred von Schliefen, MF
since March 27th 2009
Members7 Imperial Ministers
Meeting place
The Palace of Quarthe

The Council of Ministers is an executive body made up of the 7 Ministers of the Imperial Dominion of Prussia.

The Council is the main governing body of the Dominion, responsible for managing each separate Ministry as well as the legislative body of the Empire, the Senate. While it does not have the singular power and authority to pass laws and legislation, it normally serves as a council in which to discuss ideas and policy for the management of each Ministry. The Council, through the Ministries, manages construction, industry, economy, military, and all other aspects of the Dominion. The Ministers of each area must follow the orders laid down by the collective vote of the Council.

The Council is led by the Minister of Executive and Foreign Affairs (who, constitutionally, always also serves as Chief of General Staff). He may give any one of the Ministers directives to follow, and may also override any decision made collectively by the Council.

All members of the Council of Ministers are required to be members of the Monarchist Faction.


Prussian Empire

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The current members of the Council are:

Ministry of War - Hans Grosse
Ministry of Security and Defense - Alfred Hohagen
Ministry of Intelligence - Erich Geschwill
Ministry of Prosperity - Ilsa Friedel
Ministry of Executive and Foreign Affairs (Head of the Council) - Alfred von Schliefen
Ministry of Environmental Affairs - Busso Haselbach
Ministry of Propaganda - Ludwig Kahle