Cothiquen: Řeпobβќá ʡoтhиθ

Repobleka Cothique
Xánténian: Řьяпubżиќá Фoтhиθ
Riapublika Khothique

Cothiquen Republic
Cothiquen Republic flag Cothiquen Republican seal
National Flag Seal
Cothiquen: Ώ Дářья Ќonтenuч
Le Daria Kontenuch
Xánténian: Пáќ ДářТ Фonтáмим
Pak Dart Khontamim
(We Shall Continue)
National Anthem:
Cothiquen: Řáгuż Мáгnuс nим Ћářиœ
Ragul Magnus nim Xariyet
Xánténian: Řáгζář Мáгuс Сuəœnифeмθ
Ragzar Magus Sufyetnikhemque
(Long Road of Suffering)
Head of State Comrade Representative of the workers of Cothique, Palienka
Capital Tor Corthaqu
Official language(s) Cothiquen, Xánténian
Government Type Democracy
National Religion Buddhism
Alliance Affiliation Libertarian Socialist Federation
Team Color Blue
Currency (Cothiquen) Pound
Formation 22/01/2008
Statistics as of 29/05/2008
Literacy Rate 54.65%
Total Population 4,777 Supporters
National Resources Pigs, Gold

The Cothiquen Republic (Cothiquen : Фoтhиθ) is a small nation, the workers' state is located in the Eurasian continent, in territorial Russia. The Cothiquen people originated from former Northern Xánténia in South East Asia. It was once an independent Empire before the 17th Century CE, however, under the rule of King Xántan XVII, the Cothiquen Republic, was subsumed by the Kingdom of Xánténia. Along with the Northern territories Xánténia gained with the conquest of Cothique, she also gained the Cothiquen trading outpost in territorial Russia, where the present Cothiquen Republic is located.

The state of Cothique, after the migration, became a member of the Organization of Imperial Nations, a small blue team alliance which she had experience with in the days of Socialist Xánténia. That is the primary reason why the Cothiquens applied for membership there. At first Cothique was admitted into the OIN academy, however, on the 25th January 2008, after a generous donation from a former comrade, The Cothiquen Republic was able to advance her economy and military at such a rate which could only be accomplished under Socialism. In this time period, Cothique rose from a Nation Strength of less than 40, to over 2000! In turn, this allowed her to be admitted as a full member into the OIN. However, the need to rejoin a Socialist alliance became ever so great and in late February to early March, the Cothiquens voted in confidence for membership to the Communist Party of Cybernations, but again, the Cothiquens became fed up, this time of the plight of their former comrades in the Libertarian Socialist Federation against their Norden Verein (NoV) foes in the NoV-LSF War. They joined the Libertarian Socialist Federation soon after and began to immediately attempt to engage in peace talks with NoV. Allo attempts made were rejected until 4 days preceding the Continuum-NoV War which is still being waged.

Since then, Comrade Representative Palienka, has been one of the main diplomats in negotiating peace with Nueva Vida.

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It is not known where the Cothiquen peoples originated from, some anthropologists have claimed that they were once a nomadic people descended from the Manchas in the Northern region of the Qin land area.

Genetically, the Cothiquens are a gene pool of their own, they have a specific ethnicity, but centuries of a nomadic and mercantile lifestyle have meant an ethnic and cultural mixing, and as a result the Cothiquens on average share 12.5% of their DNA with the Manchas, 12.5% with the Slaviaskas, another 12.5% being Anglo, 2.5% is Xánténian and the remaining 60% is, finally, Cothiquen.


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The Cothiquen Republic Broadcast Service
Cothiquen Republican seal
  • 23rd January 2008: The Cothiquen Republic officially applies for membership to the Organization of Imperial Nations and upon entry gains access to the OIN academy
  • 22nd January 2008: The Cothiquen workers officially declare their existence to the world
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