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Großgermania is a federal empire divided into six constituent countries, as well as one autonomous territory. The term region is often used synonymously with constituent country. Four of the countries are absolute monarchies (Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein) and two of them, Helvetica and Alsace-Lorraine, are established as free lands (gebiete) with a republican government. The Kanarische Inseln, while separate from all other countries, are considered an Autonomous Imperial Territory, and therefore are not considered a constituent country.

Each country has a government established in a similar manner to that of the Imperial Government. The basic governmental structure of the countries is governed by the Constitution of Großgermania. Each one has a single ruler, a political assembly, ans a Witenagemot (economic council).

The Kingdom of Germany is a hereditary monarchy invested in the House of Prussia (the current monarch being Michael von Preußen. The political decisions of the King are vetoable by a National Assembly, which holds a similar position within Germany as does the Reichstag within the Empire. Similarly, the Kingdom of Denmark is ruled hereditarily by the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, with Margarethe II as the current monarch. Denmark's parliament is the People’s Assembly.

The Principality of Luxembourg is ruled by Henri, representing the House of Nassau. His decisions are reviewed by a Council of State. Liechtenstein is ruled by a royal family bearing the same name; the current monarch is Hans-Adam II. Parliamentary power in Liechtenstein is vested in a Diet.

Helvetica and Alsace-Lorraine are ruled by Governors appointed by the Emperor of Großgermania. Decisions of the Governor are reviewed by the Helvetican Congress and the National Asembly of Alsace-Lorraine, which must approve the appointment of, and may impeach, the Governor.