Conservative Party of the Republic of Antioquia
Conservative Party of Antioquia
FoundedMay 29, 2012
Fiscal positionRigth
Social positionRigth
Party ChairmanTino Hernandez
HeadquartersMedellin, Antioquia
Official colors      White
Seats in the
- Congress of the Republic (both cameras)
- Upper Camera
- Lower Camera

19 of 100
11 of 50
8 of 50

The Conservative Party of Antioquia, is a major political party in the Republic of Antioquia. It is the second largest political party in Antioquia. It holds 19 seats total in the Congress of the Republic, 11 out of 50 seats in the Upper Camera, and 8 out of 50 seats in the Lower Camera. It is conservationist on most of its position, but makes sure that their political positions are based off the republican ideology. It was founded on May 29, 2012 by Tino Hernandez. The party is actively recruiting. The party identifies itself as Rigth both fiscally and socially. On other terms it sticks with the republican ideology.

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