Conrad Kruschev
Order: St Michael
Term of Office: Undetermined
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: To Be Arranged
Date of Birth unknown
Place of Birth: Vanholten
Profession: Leader of North Cadia, Self Proclaimed Pope
Political Party: Order of St Michael
Motto: The Lord Praise Me! Lead Me! Aid Me!

An In Character Note: This article is based on speculation, it is not known whether Conrad Kruschev and Pope Conrad I are the same person however all evidence seems to point this way.

History Edit

Very little is actually known about Conrad Kruschev, he seems to appear from no-where. Sometimes in places he isn't wanted others in places he is needed. He is a self proclaimed Pope in Cyber Nations and has declared that the use of condoms is allowed for the purpose of preventing the spread of STDs.

His ability to spell words correctly in the English language is hampered by his chronic need to have one hand deep in the pocket of his trousers at all times.

Additionally, his lack of imagination leads him to blatantly plagiarize the works of others and claim them as his own. - This is noted and has been recognised as a pile of turd!!!

Controversy Edit

He became a controversial figure for declaring himself Pope in 2005, and by leading the small but angry nation of North Cadia, as well as his obsessive love of explosives, missles and nuclear weapons. Many refuse to recognise him as Pope except in his nation and in a rumoured secret alliance known only as The Shadow Families, but poorer people, and people desperate to avoid STDs, as well as many medical figures, regard him as a saviour and the true Pope. But his self proclamation as a Pope isn't the only reason this is contraversial. He was born into and brought up as a Liberal Protestant but officially converted in 1991 to Roman Catholic, and joined the Order of St Michael of which he is now the Deamagogue.

The Great WarEdit

Pope Conrad I has condemned the Great War and wishes for peace, though no formal statement has been made. He has declared that the use of nuclear weapons is banned for all Cadian Catholic and Catholic nations, though as a Pope he holds little sway, his alliance Global Imports Corp. is remaining neutral and is calling for peace. Claiming:

"The reason for this war's escalation is that the smaller and medium alliances are jumping on the masked alliance bandwagon, by declaring war. GIC and the CCC condemn furtherment of this war, and wish to see it ended peacefully."

Is noted as one of the few people known who can read and easily decipher jimmish.

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