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Confederatio Aesir
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The Queens Standard
CA Motto: En fœr alla oç alla fœr en.
(One for all and all for one.)
Team Color Brown team Brown
Founder(s) Sigrun Vapneir
Founded October 28, 2010
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Confederatio Æsir or in English the Aesir Confederacy (also known as the second Confederacy) is a Cyber Nations micro-alliance.

The first Confederacy never grew beyond a single nation, existing for a short time in early 2007 before disbanding into a young Mostly Harmless Alliance. Details of its history are largely unknown, though it is remembered as a time of constant war.

The Confederacy was refounded October 28, 2010 and has existed continuously since. It has fought with distinction against major alliances on several occasions, including an appearance opposite the Viridian Entente during the PB-NpO_War and more recently in the Free Trade War, a week-long engagement opposite the forces of Non Grata.

The Confederacy practices a Monarchic Confederacy. The head of state or sovereign reigns for life with authority to represent the Confederacy before the outside world, but the powers of the office are not absolute, and each member nation remains autonomous in internal affairs.

The reigning Sovereign has the power to create and dissolve governments as needed, or simply to exercise governmental authority himself. Other government positions may be and have been created or dissolved in response to the changing needs of the alliance.

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