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Confederacy of Texas
ConfederacyofTexas TexanCoatofArms
National Flag Coat of Arms of the Confederacy of Texas
God's On Our Side
National Anthem
God Save the South
Capital Houston
Largest City Houston
Official languagess English
Recognized regional languages Spanish
Demonym Texan
Government Single-Party Parliamentary Republic
- Prime Minister James McCulloch
Parliament National Assembly
- Establishment

July 20, 2011
Major Religions Christianity
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
6,543,913 (2011 census)
Currency TXD
Literacy Rate 96.8%
Internet TLD .tx
Driving Lane Left
Date Format dd-mm-yyyy
Time Zone UTC -6
This country is part of the Post-Dissolution Sphere.

The Confederacy of Texas (commonly referred to as Texas and the Confederacy) is a sovereign nation situated in parts of what originally was the Texan counties of Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Jefferson, Orange and various other counties. It was founded on April 21, 2011 after six years in anarchy due to the dissolution of the United States of America.


The government of the Confederacy of Texas is a single-party parliamentary republic with the only legal political party being the Republican Party of Texas, and is often described as slightly leaning towards the authoritarian side. The National Assembly of the Confederacy of Texas acts as the sole legislative body of Texas, with the Prime Minister being the Head of State. Texas is divided into four sub-administrative regions known as states, being ruled by governors.



The Confederacy of Texas was founded on July 20, 2011 after existing as an area of anarchic communities within the former State of Texas. After the United States of JBR was founded, people were influenced and motivated by this foundation and sought for a new government to stabilize their region. Many had tried, but found themselves unable to do so because of constant warfare. Then former US military general James McCulloch formed the Texan Revolutionary Front, and secured a small area in Orange County. His following expeditions proved to be extremely successful, and he managed to secure, maintain control of, and stabilize the region he controlled. Soon after capturing Houston, he declared the Confederacy of Texas and set up a single-party parliamentary republic. James McCulloch then started elections, ran for Prime Minister. The people elected James McCulloch as Prime minister, despite the fact that his policies that leaned towards the authoritarian side, because they believed that those policies would maintain security and stability in the region.

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