Comrade Wasabi is an inspiring example of the opportunities available to any dedicated member of the New Pacific Order. He was the Imperial Officer of Economic Affairs at one point in time, a position he reached through his initiative and willingness to tackle challenges given to him. He joined the NPO on July 9, 2006, at the prompting of friends from a separate online game. Since then, he has held a plethora of jobs. The Pacific Bank has played the most prominent role within his career. Wasabi worked his way from an entry banker position up to becoming the Vice-Chairman of the Bank, and his vast array of experience within the financial organs of the Order made him a natural fit for the Economic Affairs Officer position. He has also held a variety of leadership and service positions in other parts of the NPO. In the Military Command both the Omega and Gamma Battalions were enriched by his leadership, as he had the opportunity to lead both of them at separate times as a Battalion Lieutenant. Within the Diplomatic Corps, he served as a diplomat to FIRE, and a Military and Economic Advisor to TPF.

Wasabi has been inspired throughout his career with Pacifica by the, "Body Republic's unwavering loyalty to our cause and our ideals." When asked what he seeks top gain from his membership in Pacifica, he responded that, "there is nothing material one can take from Pacifica. For everything one takes out of their experience here in the Order, they must give something equal back. Pacifica is not about personal gain; it is about everyone's contributions forming a greater entity. Pacifica is, indeed, greater than the sum of its parts." Truly, Comrade Wasabi is a rightful source of inspiration for every Pacifican.

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