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CIBSAI visual avatar

CIBSAI (Computer Integrated Biological System Artificial Intelligence) is Communist Empires new AI that has recently been completed and brought online, CIBSAI controls all of Communist Empires communications, data and data storage, CIBSAI also controls in times of war Communist Empires cruise missiles aswell as Communist Empires missile defense. CIBSAI is connected into Communist Empires communication and military mainframe so it can carry it the tasks assigned to it but cant be disconnected at any time. Communist Empires high command has been thinking of developing cyborg soldiers controlled directly by CIBSAI but Aaron J has rejected all the ideas and ordered it not to go ahead incase one day CIBSAI might use the soldiers to take over the world and enslave humanity.


The CIBSAI primary core is located in the underground part of the Kremlin and is keep under heavy guard, there is a CIBSAI secondary core located in the underground part of Aaron Js private mansion at Lake Ladoga.


The development of CIBSAI began one month after Communist Empire was formed, using teams of scientists working around the clock CIBSAI was completed in two months. After a week of testing CIBSAI was brought online and connected to Communist Empires communication and military mainframe.


Both CIBSAI cores are kept under heavy guard so no enemy spies can not get to core and damage or destroy it. CIBSAI is monitored constantly incase it tries to act by itself or rebel, if CIBSAI where to start acting by itself or rebel a virus would be released in both CIBSAI cores destroying the AI, the core can also be destroyed, powered down or disconnected from Communist Empires communication and military mainframe if the virus does not work.


The CIBSAI core is very complex, in the core are large amounts of humans who willingly decided to be a part of CIBSAI they are kept alive and in stasis in special tanks, their brains are all linked together to a cyber enhancement unit so it can do all its computing and data activities all of this working and linked together forms CIBSAI. The humans linked to CIBSAI can at anytime be disconnected and return to normal life as soon as they leave the core as special programs and security measures in place stop the humans from being in anyway changed or hurt so that they can return to normal life as the people they where once they are disconnected from CIBSAI and leave the core. Without the human element CIBSAI would just be a computer but the human element in CIBSAI gives it its personality greatly enhances its ability to do work and allows it to have independant thought which this and being connected to Communist Empires communication and military mainframe allows it to come up with very good stratagies that work almost all of the time.