This alliance has disbanded as of January 1, 2008. More information is available here.
The Complete International Alliance

Official Flag of the CIA
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) L33t G33k
Founded December 1st, 2007


White Senate Epiphanus of Paraganea
International relations

AllianceStats Statistics as of 12/20/2007

Total Nations 1
Strength 2,611
Avg. Strength 2,611
Nukes 0
Score 0.02
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The CIA or Complete International Alliance was founded on December 1, 2007 by L33t G33k. On December 14, 2007 Atlantis has signed a protectorate with The CIA affording them protection in this dangerous cyberverse.

The official CIA color is white, and we support the Atlantis senate candidate, though we will accept a nation of any color.

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