Complaints and Grievances Union
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Bloc Type: MADP
Bloc formed: June 30, 2008
Bloc Status: Active
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The Last Remnants

Orange Defense Network
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Sovereign League of Armed Powers

Former Member Alliances

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

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The International

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Greenland Republic

League of Shadows Treaty

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Deck of Cards
Deck of cards

Federation of Buccaneers


Heroes of the Union

Mushroom Kingdom

Shinra Corporation



as of March 1, 2015
  • Total Nations: 316
  • Total Nation Strength: 17,109,579
  • Average Nation Strength: 54,144
  • Total Nukes: 3,500
  • Total Score: 68.82
  • Total Infra: 2,487,758
  • Total Tech: 1,443,297

The Complaints and Grievances Union (C&G or CnG) is an MADP bloc formed on 30 June 2008.

Text of the TreatyEdit

Opening StatementEdit

We, the four alliances you can't say on Planet Bob, have come together today, wondering what we're doing in Wisconsin, and pay careful attention to the fact that you are all plagued. As such, we hereby announce our existence as a coalition of alliances bound together in mutual defense and aggression, called the Complaints and Grievances Union (Hereafter known as C&G). We pledge the following in order to remain honest and true to our brethren:

Article IEdit

We, the undersigned, remain true to each other, first and foremost, as friends and, more importantly, as equals. Our complaints and grievances stem from our similarities and brotherhood, and we can not be dissuaded from our bonds with our comrades.

Article IIEdit

We pledge mutual defense AND aggression in times of conflict, doing so with the utmost trust in each other's motives and reasoning. We live as one, and fight as one.

Article IIIEdit

In the course of history, it is only natural for friends to make more friends. As we are open and accepting of our allies' allies, a new alliances may be accepted into the C&G union with a majority vote +1.

Article IVEdit

In some instances, an alliance may feel that they are simply going in another direction. If that is the case, the alliance(s) in question must submit a private resignation 72 hours in advance, notifying the group of its intentions.

Article VEdit

In some instances, an alliance may take actions that the groups sees as unfit for the whole. As such, with a majority +1 vote, the group may expel the offending alliance.

Article VIEdit

This agreement is not a replacement for current treaties. Acceptance or withdrawal/expulsion does not void any treaties made outside of this agreement.


Orange Defense NetworkEdit

ODN Senate XXXIII: Banksy, Dujek, eZe, Salka Palmir, Soccerbro

The Last RemnantsEdit

Sovereign League of Armed PowersEdit

Former SignatoriesEdit

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
letub, Assembly Chairman
Laslo Kenez, Minister of Foreign Affairs
48th Congress of GATO

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization left C&G on October 14th, 2018

President: Alexio15
Vice President: Dorian Martell
Chancellor of Foreign Affairs: Saxplayer
Chancellor of Defense: JohnHenryHoliday
Chancellor of Internal Affairs: Blazin
Chancellor of Finance: Bdewakantunwan
Chancellor of Culture: CupCake

Atlas merged into GATO on December 22, 2016

For Camelot:
Londo Mollari - King, Ruling Council
Lightningdelta - Magician, Ruling Council
PurpleBadgerino - Warlord
The Pimp - Chamberlain
Manbearpig - Jester
Jack the great - Scribe

Camelot merged with the Heroes of the Union on August 3, 2008 to form Athens.

For International
The Congress of the International

For Deck of Cards:
MoK, Dealer
Head penguin, Ace of Diamonds,
Imo, Ace of Clubs
Affluenza, Ace of Spades
Crash, Ace of Hearts,

Deck of Cards merged with the State of Unified Nations on July 9, 2008 to form Fly. Fly remained a signatory to this treaty.

For Heroes of the Union:
Rsoxbronco1 - Triumvir
Dillpickle - Triumvir
President Fox - Triumvir

Heroes of the Union merged with Camelot on August 3, 2008 to form Athens.

For =LOST=:
Emperor: Wargarden
Minister of Internal Affairs: Johnny No Legs
Minister of War: Ninmeister
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hombre De Murcielago
Chief Justice: Barron Von Hammer
=LOST= Merged with Athens and Greenland Republic on June 19, 2011

For the Mushroom Kingdom:
Archon, King
Trace, Princess
AirMe, Lord High Envoy
tamerlane, High Lord Israel
SirWilliam, High Lord Vanguard
Stormsend, Baron of Aquatics

Mushroom Kingdom left C&G on October 4th, 2010

For TDSM8:
Head Monkey - Stumpy
Big Momma - Wing01
Huggles The Rampaging Clown - Manonation
Master of Disaster - Orkules
HiveMind - Mikesher
Blood God - Zahg
Judge Dread - UncleStalin

TDSM8 disbanded on February 19, 2009

For Shinra:
Chairman of the Board- The Corrupt Teacher
Director of Public Relations- Kia Vecanti
Director of Public Safety- Kamil/Czerwony
Director of Urban Development- Mon
Director of Human Resources- Logan Frederick
Shinra Corporation merged into Athens on December 3, 2008

For Fly:
Leader: Ezto
Vice Leader: James
Advisor for Miitary: Anenu
Advisor for Internal Affairs: Ralfie777
Fly merged into Athens on July 21, 2009.

For Athens:
Archon eponymos - Londo Mollari
Archon basileus - Rsoxbronco1
Theorodokos - Jgoods45
Polemarch - The Corrupt Teacher
Dikast - Lightningdelta
Didact - Medtech
Athens Merged with Greenland Republic and League of Shadows Treaty on June 19, 2011

For Vanguard:
Grand Architects of Vanguard
The Sovereign, Revanche
The Vizier, QTUN

Architects of Vanguard
The Sword, Napoleon
The Shield, Rafa Nadal
The Hammer, Thaliak
The Treasurer, Petrovich
The Scholar, Fire Within
Vanguard merged into Mushroom Kingdom on April 1st, 2010.

For the Greenland Republic
Archon - Drai
Vice Archon - Shamedmonkey
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Ilselu1
Minister of Defense - Virillus
Minister of Finance - Steodonn
Minister of Interior - Sal Paradise
The Senate - Sande, Kestral, Al, Menwearpink135, and Cripple
Greenland Republic Merged with Athens and League of Shadows Treaty on June 19, 2011

For the Federation of Buccaneers
Pirate King- Runz & Sagha
Speaker of the Mast- Care Bear
Speaker of the Crew- Oda
'Federation of Buccaneers disbanded on December 6, 2010

Relevant AnnouncementsEdit


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