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Communist Party
of the Soviet Union
FoundedApril 15, 2009
Political positionFar-left
General SecretaryVelken
Official colors      Red
Seats in the
- Council

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The Communist Party of the Soviet Union(aka CPSU) is one of two major contemporary political parties in the Soviet Union, along with the Workers Democratic Party. Currently it holds majority of the seats in the Soviet Council including the two main seats, The President and Prime Minister. In the USSR political spectrum, the party's position is considered far-left. So far only 2 Communist have held the position of President.


The party was formed shortly after the formation of the Soviet Union alliance. Velken, the leader of the alliance at that time formed the party along with Anubis. Together the two men slowly built the USSR and got the party on its feet, other members such as Bubba The Great and CavalierCuddles would join the party. During his reign as President, Velken would reorganize the alliance by drafting the Constitution of the Soviet Union which would allow for a multi-party system. This did not go over well with some of the parties members especially Anubis who would later on leave the party and form his own, the Skull Party. Meanwhile the October 2009 election came around and the party faced a battle from within when Velken ran for re-election, challenging him was Cuddles. Cuddles won by 1 vote and became the new President on October 8. The party managed to stay strong and united after the election despite the unhappiness caused by Cuddles victory.