Communist Party of Disparu
Parti communiste du Disparu
Founded27 March 2009
Dissolved22 February 2012
IdeologyRational Communism
Fiscal positionFar-left
Social positionCentre-right
LeaderFrancis Roy
HeadquartersEterna (Férin), Disparu
Official colors      Red
Seats in the
- Commons
- Senate
- Executive Council

98 of 471
27 of 112
4 of 17
Coat of Arms of Disparu.png.png

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The Communist Party of Disparu (CPD, French: Parti communiste du Disparu) was a political party in Disparu. The party was the Official Opposition in the Commons of Disparu, prior to the legislature's dissolution following the fall of Disparu. The party also formed the provincial government of Almia, a non-extant province of Disparu. It was founded and led by Francis Roy.

Its ideology of rational Communism was developed by former Canadian Chairman Lynneth Sarkara, and was the state ideology of communist Canada prior to its dissolution. It was originally a Marxist-Leninist party, but it reformed into a rational Communist one during the 2010 federal elections.

Despite being designated as a right-wing party in terms of its positions on social issues, the Communist Party was, in fact, very progressive with its social policies (for instance, it supported same-sex marriage and copyright reform). However, the party took a hard line approach in more political issues such as media censorship; hence the reason for its designation.

In the ensuing weeks after the fall of Disparu, party members were accused of starting riots in Jubilife immediately after the nation's dissolution was announced. Despite their denial, the lack of solid evidence, and a later government inquiry revealing that the party was not connected to the riots, the controversy forced the party's central committee to disband the party. The Communist Party would later be used as a scapegoat by the United States of JBR during its occupation of Disparu, in an attempt to discredit Disparuean efforts to re-establish the country as a sovereign entity.

Most of its politically-active members went on to join the Social Democratic Party.

Prior to its dissolution, the CPD held 98 seats in the Commons, 27 seats in the Senate and four seats in the Executive Council.


The following was the party's selections for government positions prior to their disbandment. Positions marked in bold indicate people who held their respective designated positions.

  • Leader: Francis Roy
  • Speaker of the Senate: Melusina Lespérance
  • Speaker of the Commons: Sophie Lachapelle


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