Communist Party of Deltora
Communist Deltora
FoundedJune 16, 2010
Fiscal positionfar left
Social positionfar left
PremierFurel deGardei
ChairmanNomad Hilton
HeadquartersThunder Bay, Superior, DR
Official colors      red

The Communist Party of Deltora (also known as Communist Deltora) is a Left Wing paramilitary communist political party which plans to unite all communist nations in order to take control of world powers, such as United States of JBR and the Deltoran Republic. They plan to stage coup d'etats against governments and hope to spread control around the world.


  • To establish Communist governments in world powers
  • To use force against civilians to reach this
  • Capture government officials of the signatory nations in the STOP and the Deltoran Republic
  • Crush Capitalism, promcapablicism, and federal republics
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